Monday, July 10, 2017

Sweet Summertime

To me, summertime is always something to be savored. I just can't get enough of the outdoors when the weather is fine, and often spend many hours outside just taking it all in. I love the little haven that I have created for nature's creatures. As long as I have my camera by my side, I'm happy. I especially adore the butterflies that show up here. I seem to have an eye tuned right to their fluttering wings. Even when I'm inside the kitchen, my peripheral vision will notice them outside. At the end of my photos below, I've included a non butterfly visitor who fascinated me, called a Golden Tortoise beetle.

Of course I do enjoy my bird friends also. I'm not a really serious bird feeder though, I only give nyjer seeds to the finches and nectar for hummingbirds. Still, I've provided enough other necessities to keep them close at hand, with a birdbath, birdhouse, edible plantings, and cover. I especially enjoy the hummingbird that shows up in the evenings. We've affectionately named him Petey, year after year, it's always Petey.

The flowers that surround me make me happy even when there are no visitors about. They just make me smile.

I especially enjoy filling colorful containers around my patio. One day I looked down at the patio from the door, and realized that I had about every bright color represented. Perfect!

We've had pretty even weather this summer, not too hot, not too dry. We usually go through spells of very dry weather in the summer, but we've had some good rains lately. As a gardener, rainy days always make me happy. Maybe it makes me happy because it keeps me from having to do the dreaded garden hose rodeo. But it definitely makes my plants and lawn happy.

Not all of the garden sweet spots come from nature. I do have bits of garden art that also contribute to my smiles. The bottle tree is new. I had blue wine bottles on rebar stakes stuck into the ground, but I decided I wanted the real thing.

So pardon me while I savor a bit more of summer. Yesterday was so perfect that I quite literally spent the entire afternoon under the patio umbrella with a good book. Oh I occasionally picked up my camera, of course. But mostly I was just enjoying sweet summertime. You should too.

Friday, June 16, 2017

June Blooms

Let's take a walk through my June Garden, shall we? I won't start at the front door, that's too formal. Let's start at my arbor. It's one of my favorite spots in the yard because it attracts every bird in town. I think they like the perspective from up here. This robin was proclaiming loudly for all to hear that this was HER turf! The goldfinch below her seems to be asking if she'll share the birdbath at least. I've never seen a bird bathe there, but it is a popular watering hole.

Down below the arbor is another popular spot, only with the bees. June is when my lavender comes into bloom, and you'll find plenty of bees lapping up all the best nectar here. I've tried to get them to pose sweetly for my photos, but they are simply much too busy. 

Next stop is the patio, and there is lots to see here, especially my containers. My patio is a hot and sunny spot, and my containers here usually reflect that. I've discovered that there is no sense in using thirsty plants in this spot, because I'll just get frustrated with watering them constantly. I did make an exception for the Starry Night petunias, because they were simply too lovely to resist. 

Around the corner from the patio is a somewhat chaotic corner that I once called the butterfly corner. All of my garden is actually geared towards attracting butterflies, but this corner retains the name. It's a little early in the summer for most of the butterflies, but this 8 spotted forester moth did pose sweetly for me on the daisies. 

The west side yard doesn't hold much interest right now, only the evening primroses are blooming here. Soon the button bush will put out its interesting pin cushion flowers nearby. 

Now as we circle around the front yard, we can see the window boxes full of begonias. It's pretty shady in this small area, so I can sneak in some shade lovers here. The hydrangeas are starting to bloom, so my next post will surely have more of them to share. I only have three, but with so little shade, it's all I have room for. 

Now we've made it around to the front. It's a somewhat backward way to walk the garden I suppose. We won't bother with the east side of the house today, because that's the rose garden. Roses peak in May, and June is somewhat dull on that side right now. 

I hope you enjoyed your walk through my June blooms. Come back again!