Sunday, May 10, 2015

Fast Forward

It's early May in Ohio, and today it got up to 89 degrees. What? Where did spring go? The funny thing is that it could just as easily be cold this time of year. We aren't even past our frost free date yet.
Winky Double Blue White columbine

Common columbine Red White
It's been so hot that my hardy hibiscus grew a foot in one week. Last week I thought it had died because of the frigid winter we suffered, this week it is thriving.
Cherry Cheesecake hibiscus
Now it may sound like I am complaining, but I'm trying not to. It's just that it happened too fast. I'm not prepared for heat already. I haven't even planted my vegetable garden or my containers. Now that I'm ready to plant them, it's too hot to be out working in the yard! Crazy weather. But this is not my crazy garden wall seen below, that would be the neighbor's. It falls over, they pick it up, every year.
Chinese Fringe Tree
Chinese Fringe Tree
This fast forward act has put my plants into rush mode. I don't think my purple coneflowers have ever bloomed in May before, but it won't be long now.
Purple coneflower about to bloom
The bad part about the fast forward act, is that the spring flowers come and go with lightning speed. I don't think my beloved crabapples were in bloom for more than three or four days. I wanted to take more pictures!
Crabapple row
Bee on crabapple blossoms
Same goes for my baby Forest Pansy redbud tree. It bloomed for such a short period of time, I feel like I barely saw it. You see, this tree is a replacement for when a storm took out my old redbud, which was a housewarming gift. That means it is particularly special to me. May it grow and bloom for many years to come.
Forest Pansy redbud
Forest Pansy redbud
Carpenter bees patrol my yard with fierce determination. Now the male carpenter does not sting, and the female rarely does. But these little fellas dive bomb my head when I'm out working, and it sure does make it hard to concentrate. Still, I'm glad that the carpenter bees, and every other critter, find my yard to be a safe haven.
Carpenter bee on guard duty
Forest Pansy redbud with friend
My herb garden has also been growing quickly, even though I haven't yet planted the tender varieties. Chamomile and chive flowers are favorites of mine, based solely on their looks.
Chamomile and Chive flowers

Chive flowers in herb garden

Chamomile and Chive flowers
I  consider alliums to be the exclamation points of my yard. Once their flowers fade, they dry into little fireworks, and I leave them standing as long as they will. But the purple stage is the best part.

Alliums with euonymus
So as spring speeds into summer, I'll just try to enjoy each blossom along the journey. But I sure wish it would slow down a little!

Princess Louise poppy
Best Bet iris

Thursday, April 30, 2015

April is a Beauty Queen

Spring has been quite even tempered this year. It hasn't been too cold, and it hasn't been too hot. Perfect.

While I've been longing for a hot, sunny day, it's better that we haven't had any. The flowering trees and bulbs have kept their blooms much longer this way.

Honestly, I've never seen such a beautiful spring. I suppose we say that every year, because spring feels so welcome after frigid winter. But this year it seems especially sweet.

The grass is so fresh and green that I'd like to roll around in it! But sometimes I actually do worry about what the neighbors would think. But only sometimes.
Every blooming tree makes me catch my breath. It's so pretty that I just want spring to last and last.

But spring will transition into summer, and then I'll start to swoon over what a beautiful season summer is. And then fall will come, and we all know how gorgeous the fall colors are. But I draw the line at winter. There's no way that it will ever be my favorite.
So I'll just go on swooning over this perfect spring. I'm sure you'll all agree, it's a real winner.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April Soft and Sweet

The winter was harsh, and in her remorse. Mother Nature is being kind to us this spring. March did indeed go out like a lamb, and now the April days are soft and sweet.
Grape hyacinths with sedum Angelina
We're a long way off from our frost-free date yet, but we can barely tell. Even the nights have been gentle, with chilly mornings turning into warm days.
Jetfire daffodils
Jetfire daffodils with sedum Angelina 
Jetfire daffodils

 Spring makes me absolutely giddy with joy, as it does to many people. When winter is raging about me, I often think how much I'd like to live in a warm climate, where I can garden year round. But would I really? Would I appreciate each little spring blossom if winter didn't make me long for them so much?
Unknown hellebore

Lenten Rose hellebore
I think I might get complacent about year round gardening. Dare say, I might yawn at the blooming of each little flower!
Striped Squill
Mrs. Moon pulmonaria
Maybe it's better that I have winter time to rest up from my garden chores. That way, I'm ready to go once the snow melts. There's no dragging me out to clean up the debris, no sir. All it takes is the first warm day, and I hurry out to play.
Pansy pot
 April is a fickle month, we all know that. It could lightly snow, pour buckets, or give us warm sunshine, all in the same day! I'm sure I'll see another light frost by the end of the month. But for the most part, she has spared us her temper tantrums this year. I love that about April. She's a feisty young lady, but boy do we love her when she's soft and sweet.
Species tulips

Species tulips
Now excuse me while I go see what she's up to now.
Unknown daffodil