Tuesday, June 18, 2013


While May probably has the most blooms, June is also a beautiful month for gardening. The weather is ideal, and plants show it by being at their best. But I haven't paid much attention to the new flowers lately. I know that's unusual for me, but I was very much distracted by the installation of my new patio.
It's done now, thank goodness and we love it! They finished on Tuesday, and by Saturday we had the landscaping around it totally finished. And yes, we did it all ourselves. We do tend to rush through these projects, but we just can't tolerate mess or unfinished projects. But I was prepared. I had the landscaping all sketched out on paper, plus I had been collecting plants for weeks. So I was ready.
We worked so hard but it was worth it to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Afterwards I was finally able to get out into the other parts of the garden to see what I was missing, like my roses. The big flush of blooms is gone now, but there are still a lot of really pretty roses to enjoy.
 I saw the lavender blooming, I really did. I even smelled the fragrance in the air. But I was always hurrying by until now. I dearly love my lavender in bloom, and I am thrilled that it continues to reseed itself nearby.
 The daisies are another flower you can count on in the month of June. Common, yes, but lovely still.
Threadleaf coreopsis is one of those simple flowers that are under appreciated. They bloom tirelessly all summer long with no care or supplemental water. I made sure to add some to the new landscaping too.
But the best part of June in the garden is when the hydrangea blooms. Mine is Endless Summer, and it was blue when I bought it. But our alkaline soil quickly turned it pink, and that's okay by me because most of my garden is pink anyway.

So the patio distraction is over and now I'm ready to go back to enjoying my garden. And the landscaping around the new patio just means there is even more garden to enjoy!


  1. Hello Robin girl !
    Congratulations on the new and gorgeous patio!
    You two did a great job on the landscaping as well .. love seeing lots of grasses being used.
    Those roses are so pretty and smelling them with the lavender is such a perk for us gardeners!
    I am waiting for our little project to start .. I have been clearing out plants and trying to get things ready for the water feature (pond less) and done by "RainxChange" system .. so we are excited too .. having a new feature in the garden is so nice!
    But that weather system is going to change to heat and humidity .. so it will be a matter of running out to do chores than running back in to escape the weather .. drats !
    I wish it could have stayed like this all season!
    Great pictures girl!
    Joy : )

  2. I love your patio! I hope you're enjoying a lot of time out there, so far. Will you put an umbrella over your table since you don't have any trees around the patio area for shade? You and Brian did a fantastic job on the landscaping!

  3. That patio looks awesome! One of the best landscaping ideas ive seen this summer.

  4. now that's hard work!!!! what a beautiful design! how happy you must feel every time you see it!

  5. Robin ~ your patio is beautiful!!! I'm sure you'll spend many wonderful hours out there, I know I would. I love your furniture choices too. So elegant. Congrats on a project well done.
    Sorry to read about your losses in your newest post too. I hate that, especially the redbud. It was beautiful ~ do you think you'll plant another or something different??
    Hope that's the end of the diseased roses too. Bleck.


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