Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sweet Summer

This summer has been one of the sweetest ones I've ever known. The weather has been ideal, not too hot, and there has been frequent rain to keep everything green. It's also the first summer when I haven't been working outside the home, giving me plenty of time to spend in the garden. All of this has combined into one perfect summer.
Normally, my roses would have faded away by now. Not this year. Maybe they don't have as many blooms as in the spring, but they still look pretty good. They even have less blackspot than usual.

I know I've shown so many pictures of my favorite and beloved Queen Red Lime zinnias, but this is the first time in years that they have done so well. I have them everywhere! And while I love how interesting they look, the butterflies love them too. It's a win-win. And I don't make any promises that I won't show them again. They won't peter out until a hard frost hits them, and that is weeks away yet.
Have you figured out by now that I like to use pink in the garden? Yes, it's a sweet color, but I use it 
mostly because the brick on the front of my house has a pink tone. This way, everything coordinates.

 All this perfect weather has make my vegetable garden to the most prolific ever. I've never had so many cucumbers. Normally they produce for about two weeks then peter out. This is today's fairly small harvest. I used it make my first ever batch of gazpacho. It needs to chill overnight for the flavors to blend. I can't wait to try it. Here is a link to the recipe I used. I did add a bit of jalapeno for kick.

Another sweet spot this summer has been having the new patio to help me enjoy the garden. I sit here most nights, and just enjoy the fruits of my labor. Invariably, I'll jump up to take pictures of something that catches my eye.
As the sun sets, its golden glow shines all over the patio garden. This is what I've been waiting for. It's my favorite time for taking garden pix.

I only have a few weeks left to enjoy my sweet, sweet summer. But that's okay, fall is pretty sweet too!


  1. Your zinnias are gorgeous...I MUST plant some next year! I love the butterfly picture. How was your gazpacho? One of my favorite summer foods. Like you, I also love the summer evening light. It casts such a beautiful glow on the plants.

  2. How wonderful that you had this summer to spend tending the beauty you have created. Love the zinnias...I have a fondness for the perfection series as they require little attention and give tons of blooms. I hope the sun is setting golden on your garden this evening.

  3. Robin girl these are gorgeous pictures with perfect light !
    Your roses are beautiful and wow! with those zinnias !... everything looks wonderful .. that arbour is so pretty ! .. mine is smothered with Sweet Autumn in the ally way right now .. but Ilse Khron rose is climbing higher and higher on the one in the back garden, so that is a good indicator she is happy there.
    I am looking forward to Autumn though ... summer flew by but I am tired now and need a break! haha
    Joy : )


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