Friday, March 6, 2015

I Give Up

Apparently winter has decided not to leave this year. I keep thinking that I will soon have some sprouts popping up, or something to interest me out in the yard. Well, all I have to look at outside is the blinding white of snow cover. It's very frustrating. I'd sure rather see something like this, wouldn't you?

My plans for the upcoming season are all in place. First order of business will be to expand the vegetable garden out a few feet at the ends. That will be hubby's project, and I'll be pestering him to do it just as soon as the ground is dig-able again. It has to be done sooner rather than later, because it won't be long before the cool season crops will need to be planted.

That's about it for the big projects. I do need to replace a mugo pine that quickly succumbed to some type of problem after ten years of health. I think the only reason that the two on either side of it didn't catch the disease is because a hard frost came along right then. I may have to replace all three. I do love them, even if they are susceptible to disease.

Otherwise it's business as usual. I'll have to keep an eye on the roses, because if they fall victim to rose rosette disease, it will mean reworking a very large area. I really don't want to do that.

There will be containers to fill,

and favorites to plant,

and other favorites that I'll be watching for their return.

 I'll have to fill the window boxes.

And I'll want to start my usual water garden full of goldfish. 

But if winter decides to stick around forever, I guess I'm out of luck. I know, spring will arrive eventually. I don't really give up. But you knew that, didn't you? Just hurry up, will you Spring?


  1. I am longing for spring too, Robin! Even though the temps are a little bit warmer now and will be all week, we still have a blanket of snow on the ground. I'm hoping that if it gets up to 50 later this week, that it'll all melt - and no more snow until at least December! I get so excited every spring when I start to see the little green shoots of my lilies and hostas poking out of the ground and the garden centers starting to put out bags of potting soil and cool weather flowers.

  2. You have had far more snow than we, so I am sure that your are plenty tired of it. Soon it will melt away. Your flowers look so pretty. No wonder you are suffering from cabin fever. In time; in time.

  3. Robin, don't give up, it's usually darkest before the dawn they Or in this case just before the snowfall right? I"m sure it will all go away any day, but then again, I'm optimistic. And a gardener.


  4. I hope the winter will be gone soon! You are ready for gardening - everything is planned!
    There is a lot of beauty in your garden, Robin!

  5. I saw some sprouts coming up from daffodils and the irises so there is hope Robin.I loved looking at your pretties from last spring and summer. I have ordered a few new plants so I will be excited to get those out this spring. Always have to have something new. :)

  6. Robin girl we are still stuck in a lot of snow here .. so I know how you feel ... believe me!
    I am so frustrated I don't know whether to cry or hysterically laugh until I keel over !
    Joy : )


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