Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer Things

Our summer started out much wetter and cooler than normal. It did turn hot and dry as usual after that, but this week is already chilly like fall! I know that summer will be back, but it sure seems like a short season this year. So let's talk of summer things before it all fades away. 
Sailboat in St. Joseph

Sailboats on Grand Traverse Bay
We recently took a long weekend trip to Michigan, where we visited some of my favorite spots. Being nearly surrounded by water, you know you'll see beaches when you're in Michigan. I grew up on the west side of Michigan, so that's where we always visit. And being on the west side means that I'll want to see sunsets on the lake while I'm there. 
Sleeping Bear sunset

Sunset in St. Joseph/lighthouse under reno

St. Joseph sunset

Sunset glow on Lake Michigan

There were lake views, and sand dunes, and scenic sites at every turn. 
View from Two Lads Winery in Traverse City

Glen Arbor beach

Glen Lake overlook in Sleeping Bear Dunes

Sleeping Bear Dunes

But what I love best about summer is the garden in my own back yard. 
Black Eyed Susans with Munstead Lavender
Chinatown rose
Goldfinch in Chinese Fringe tree
The sunny suburban backyard that I call home plays host to many small visitors, and I welcome them to my garden with open arms. The sight of bees, butterflies, birds, and dragonflies just says summer to me. 
Monarch Waystation 
The first monarch visitor of this year
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Bumblebee enjoying nectar from Tequila Lime zinnia
Pearl Crescent butterfly
And what could be more summery than the very flowers that make up my garden? 
Birdbath and black eyed susans

Grandpa Ott morning glory
Black eyed susans with African Blue basil
Summer sunflower
Karley Rose grass

Tequila Lime zinnias with new washer ball

Queen Red Lime zinnias-the Queen of my garden! 
Well, I've spoken of all my favorite summer things. Now do you think that summer will come back? It's only August after all! 


  1. Summer love ... lovely, Robin! Yes, and it's not over yet! Hoping to get the the wine country during harvest. If you ever tour the Lake Huron coast, get in touch ... Hubbard Lake is not far and would love to give you a tour.

    1. I hope you made it up to wine country, it's so beautiful up there!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Phillip, I'm so glad you found your way over to my blog!

  3. The Goldfinch in Chinese Fringe tree is amazing. And all the flowers are lovely, and butterflies too. Summer will be missed.

    1. We see a lot of goldfinches here at our house. I love the way they swoop and chirp while flying. Such happy little birds!

  4. I loved it all, Robin, from sailboats, sunsets, beaches and sand dunes to your lovely summer gardens.You caught some great shots of the welcome little visitors :) Our summer weather was just like yours. This past week's cooler temps and cloudy days felt like a taste of fall. I'm so glad to see the bright sunshine back this morning and feel its warmth. This old farmhouse has been chilly! Thanks for sharing your summer thoughts and beautiful photos. Enjoy these last fleeting summer days.

    1. Thank you Kerri. I just love the beach, especially Lake Michigan where I grew up, so a post like this is inevitable from me.

  5. Robin girl your sunset pictures are totally AWESOME !! .. I love the beach theme but the sunsets really did it for me!
    I am growing a tiny Fringe tree myself .. ho[ping for no winter problems with it.
    My garden is also "humming" with so many pollinators it is amazing how they let me work around them .. no stings yet.
    I did a 6+ hour watering mission for my gardens and I don't think I will move for the next few days ? haha
    This was the longest I have done all year ... we are so dry here.
    I am lacking more butterflies though .. so could you please send some to Kingston ? LOL
    Gorgeous pictures !
    Joy : )

    1. I am a fanatic for a good sunset, especially along the shores of Lake Michigan where I grew up. I could watch them every day!

  6. Hi Robin,
    I'm glad I made it to this post! We haven't taken a vacation since 2007, when we drove from Nebraska to the Outer Banks. I was tickled to get to enjoy some of the scenery you did. Of course, I was also glad to go home with you to see your garden and visitors. That washer ball is cool!

    Thanks for visiting my WW post.

    1. My new washer ball has drawn a lot of interest. It turned out quite pricey, but I do love it for sure. That's about $30 worth of washers!


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