Monday, March 30, 2020

The Madness That is March 2020

As I checked into what I posted last month, I could hardly believe how much our lives have changed since then. March Madness indeed, but it is a vastly different type of madness than basketball. It's frightening of course, but here at home I feel somewhat protected in my bubble. Perhaps my fragile sense of security is misguided, but since I can't change anything except my own reaction, I'll just carry on in my bubble. I'm almost ashamed to admit that our isolation has its advantages. I call this a gift of time. I'm cooking again, doing more crafts, editing photos, keeping up with housework and laundry, following my yoga class by Zoom meeting, doing Skype piano lessons, and catching up on garden projects that have nagged at me for years. Yes, I'm scared, and yes, I'm keeping up on the news. But sometimes I shut it all out and use distraction to calm myself.

We started March as we usually do, with a trip to Florida to visit my family. The virus was already here, but the worst of it hadn't hit, so we went ahead, with caution. Well, no sooner had we arrived than all hell broke loose. We continued on with our visits, and ate all our meals in restaurants, again with extreme caution. But the news worsened each day, and our plans began to change. Group activities were canceled, and eventually we decided to cancel our return flight and drive home. Meanwhile, we found outdoor activities that felt safe. I enjoyed a swamp walk with my sister in Ft. Myers at Six Mile Cypress.

Next we visited my dad in Sarasota, where we took in a drum circle at Siesta Beach. There was definitely no social distancing going on at that point.

We also visited one of my favorite public gardens, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota. There was a Salvador Dali exhibit going on, which made for some odd displays of eggs, spirals, butterflies, and other popular themes that he used. It was delightful!

Next stop was to see my mom who lives north of Orlando, in Leesburg. There are many lakes in the area, and rural country roads to enjoy. We had planned to take in a spring training game with our beloved Detroit Tigers, but by then group outings were abolished. Instead, we visited another public garden with very few people about, Leu Gardens in Orlando. There was supposed to be a plant sale that day, but it was canceled. The plants were all sitting around making colorful displays, but you couldn't buy them. I photographed them instead.


We did cut our trip short a little, and headed for home. I found the journey to be somewhat perilous because by then the threat was intense, and I knew we'd have to stop for restroom breaks and food. In particular, I found that Savannah Georgia was clueless, with people crowded into stores and restaurants everywhere we looked. We slipped in for a restroom break, drove through for some food, then hustled away from the crowds. I hope by now they have improved! And now here we are at home, hunkered down for a good long while yet. Spring happened while we were away.

When warmer weather arrived, I hustled out to the garden for cleanup, which I have been doing intently ever since. We even planted some early spring flowers, and cool season vegetables. Bulbs are popping up everywhere. Soon the tulips will arrive, if I can keep the deer away from them.

I'm still crocheting diligently, with a long list of projects that I'd like to complete. With all the extra time, I predict that they'll all get completed in time.

Stay home all, be safe, and try to find ways to touch base with your loved ones from afar. I've taken to writing old fashioned letters myself, but of course texting is always fun too. We've had Zoom meetings with some friends, and all the modern ways to stay in touch. Hubby and I are still hanging in there, doing our best to enjoy life at home. Hope you all are well, and continue to be so! And so it is in Robin's Nest.


  1. Robin your photos are gorgeous ! .. I always enjoy seeing so much of what you have seen.
    I find it hard to understand why so many people play Russian roulette with not only other people's health but their very own health and well being.
    I wrote a quick piece on how hard it is to break habits but this truly comes down to the wire, if they don't get it by now .. I fear they will never get it, and end up in the hospital to place further strain on the system.
    I too am living in my bubble .. but some times the overload of "news" gets to me .. so I am more than thankful for my yoga .. and the garden is waking up ever so slowly .. you are way ahead of me .. yours is looking so pretty already ! .. I just have to be patient .. go slowly and be happy for how easy my life is compared to others .. I don't want to forget that.
    I am in a bit of a flare for the past couple of days, so it has been a little worrying .. it has to break soon though , I just have to be patient... like I am with the garden right now ? LOL
    Stay healthy and safe Robin ;-)

  2. It’s always so good to “see” you Joy! Thanks for always visiting my blog. Seems like I mostly do it to please myself these days.

  3. Glad you were able to enjoy your trip to Florida just in time! That's how we felt about our trip to California - so glad it was more at the beginning of March. Just one week later, and we probably would've had to cancel our trip.

    1. I’m so glad we were able to see my folks in Florida before this all blew up!

  4. These are great photos! Sounds like you're trip was great. And totally agree that this time at home is a gift. People keep talking about the deterioration of mental health due to shelter in place orders. If only those people would learn to garden!


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