Thursday, April 12, 2012

Coming attractions

Our most beautiful spring continues here in central Ohio. The strange heat we had in March is gone, and April feels like a more traditional spring. But that's okay, the early warmth got all the flowers started quickly. It's also pretty dry for spring, so we've had a lot of blue skies to enjoy the spring beauty. These orange tulips have come back for three years now, right in the middle of the lamium and right next to the Jack Frost brunnera. It's a pretty combo.
I'm also very pleased with the Bonfire Euphorbia in bloom for the first time in my garden. I often admired it's picture in garden catalogs, but wondered if it would come true in "person". Oh yes it did!
 Starry Night violas are a garden must-have for me. They bloom for so long, and even seed themselves around a bit. 
The simple red columbine has spread itself around the garden, which is fine by me. Any plant that expands freely is welcome here.
But there are lots of other spots just waiting to show off. This double purple columbine is one of my favorites, and here is it's first bloom of the season.
 Looks like I will finally have peonies to enjoy this year! It's about time. I think this plant is about three years old, and I have yet to see a flower.
The same is true of my doublefile viburnum. I thought it would never bloom! But here they come. The shrub is covered with these beginning blossoms, so I'm thrilled.
My chocolate chip ajuga is about to start its show too. The foliage is pretty year round, but the blooms are a knockout. They usually bloom in tandem with the daffodils in their midst, the white ones with the pinkish centers.
The peach parrot tulips are fading away, but they are followed by the "black" parrot tulips, which are just as gorgeous in a dark kind of way.
I know there are many heuchera fans out there, with foliage available in every color of the rainbow. But I'm a traditionalist when it comes to heuchera. I like the original, plain green coral bells with simple red flowers, and so do the hummingbirds that visit my garden. 
Soon there will be clematis in bloom. Who doesn't love clematis? This one is Polish Spirit, a tribute to my Polish hubby.
I found one little bitty surprise at the end of my garden walk. I saw a tiny little unfamiliar flower peeking out from under the daylily. I remember last year I saw a seed packet of an unusual annual called Five Spot. I started some seedlings, planted them out in spring, and promptly forgot all about them. Now this year, I find one in bloom! I don't know how it got here, but I'm enjoying it. If I see these seeds again, I'll give them another try. 
Now I know there are plenty of coming attractions in my garden all summer long, but spring flowers always have such special meaning after winter, don't you think?


  1. Wow! Did you hear me ewing and awing? LOL! That Euphorbia is amazing Robin.Your Lamium is so pretty. Your flowerbeds just look so pretty.

  2. Oh - I love all your garden pictures! We are so new to this, and we're in Oregon, so we don't have much of anything but tiny seeds indoors blooming yet. But we have our chicken coop in! Your garden is gorgeous!

  3. So very nice to see an 'Ohio gal' with such pretty Dutch blooms in her garden. I am very partial to them as you would know. :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~

  4. Love your garden! Simply gorgeous and awesome :)

  5. So many Spring beauties Robin - each deserves the spotlight.

  6. That last little blue and white flower is cute. I've never heard of it. I'm glad your bonfire euphorbia is doing well. I planted two, and they both died over the winter.


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