Monday, April 23, 2012

A Spring Chill

I guess I shouldn't complain. After all, there was snow today in the northeast! But I am not loving the spring chill. Brrrrr! We are almost to our frost free date, so I just wish the warmth would come back. So far, it hasn't stopped any blooms from arriving. The chocolate chip ajuga I featured in my last post has reached it's peak bloom. Right now it's like a purple welcome mat being rolled out from my front door.
 I use a lot of purple in the spring, especially out front. My Polish Spirit clematis is already blooming near the purple welcome mat.
Also peaking nearby is my double purple columbine. I love this one!
More purple tones are found on the creeping phlox. Some may say that these are over used. But they are so reliable, and bloom for such a long period of time. What's not to love?
I found more purple in the back, alliums starting to bloom....
chive flowers, and
iris! I wish I could put the scent into this photo. These iris are so beautiful that they don't even need to be fragrant. But they are. Ahhhh.
All is not purple in my garden. The red columbines love to seed themselves freely about. I don't mind, I just wish the purple ones would do the same.
Finally, my doublefile viburnum is in bloom. After three years, I had almost given up.
Miss Ladybug likes the viburnum too!
I've been watching the roses to see which bloom would show up first. As always, Funny Face will be the first arrival, if it ever warms up.
Now I'm not a big hosta fan, but there is one exception. I love this June hosta, and have given it a place of honor by the front door.
So chilly or not, my garden insists on blooming like it's warm out!


  1. Hi Robin. I hope you enjoyed your time with the family. I love your red columbine. I think your viburnum is so lovely. At least you did not have to wait eleven years for it to bloom. LOL! That iris is a gorgeous one. I am not liking this cold weather either and I hope this will be the last of the stuff.

  2. Beautiful Robin. And to think just a couple of short years ago you despaired of ever having time to make your yard a lovely garden. BTW it's downright chilly here way down in the deep South too. I'm not convinced our last frost date is past. I'm s'picious of this weather!

  3. Robin girl you are in garden heaven there !
    All of your plants are looking absolutely fabulous .. that double columbine is a beauty!
    Your garden is lush and rich right now you lucky girl !!
    I hope we get some decent weather soon or I am going to CRY !!!! LOL

  4. Hi Robin,
    I like your purples, but I think my favorite is that blue iris. The weather in Nebraska is just goofy this spring. Yesterday and today were in the 90s, but tomorrow, the high is to be 70, and then, the highs for the next number of days are supposed to be in the 50s. Oh, my!

  5. Hi Robin,
    I came here over Joy's blog to admire your wonderful purples. I love them! Purple, blue, pink and white - a great combination!
    But I wondered, how is it possible that they are blooming now? So I searched and found out,you live much more in the south than Joy and I. Haha. I live in Northern Germany and I'm Meggie from
    I'm terribly sorry about what happened to your blog.That's really nasty.
    I wish you all the best for your blog and I'll come back to watch your flowers ;-)

  6. Yes, our flowers are growing and blooming as if it is still warm like it was early on. It has been cool in SE Nebraska, too, but we are expecting 80s for the next few days. It's 51 now, which is only a few degrees lower than today's rainy high. I'm hoping we are finished with lows in the 30s. Well, silly me! I just noticed I'd already left a comment here. That's funny, because I was about to say that I love that blue iris.

  7. ooh, I LOVE that double purple columbine too!! Just gorgeous. Do you save seed?? My columbine haven't bloomed yet but maybe we could trade? I started quite a few new ones last summer so hoping to have a good display. I like your border with the evergreens and I hope my redbud looks like yours someday! Has it warmed back up yet? Hope so!


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