Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Garden Grows

Heat and sunshine, just what the garden needs to thrive! You might think there is something missing from from that list, and you'd be right. Rain! Here it is, the annual dry season in central Ohio. The lawns are turning brown and daily watering of containers is the norm. It doesn't really matter to me, because as long as the flowers are blooming, I'm happy. For instance, the last of the roses finally arrived, including Garden Party, which is really more white than yellow, and fragrant too, 
Angel Face, which is a pretty lavender color and very fragrant,
and Oranges and Lemons, which is not fragrant at all, but oh so festive to look at.
The foxgloves are really having a good year. This light apricot one was seeded by me last year.
And these pink ones are either Candy Mountain or Camelot Rose. Doesn't really matter now, does it? They are gorgeous either way!
Some of the spring pansies are still hanging on, but I'm not sure how much longer they will look good. This is a small little bunch, but the colors are eye popping.
My lamp post clematis is really a show stopper this time of year, but I wish I knew for sure which one was giving me its all. Could be Polish Spirit, could be Jackmanii Superba. They are intertwined, and the flowers are so similar that I just can't tell. I think next year I'll replace the trellis with something circular that can actually wrap around the pole. But I'll have to do it in spring before they grows up.
Now I couldn't photograph it very well, but my Amsonia or Arkansas Bluestar bloomed for the first time. I just planted a row of these along the sidewalk last fall, and they gave a beautiful golden glow at that time. But this is the first time I've seen them in bloom. They have really gotten bigger, but I still think I'll plant some more this fall for an even better display.
The Kousa Dogwood Hearthrob is having one of its off years. *sigh* I just can't fall in love with this tree, but I also can't bear to dig it out. Every other year or so, it barely blooms. And the fall color is nothing to brag about either. The leaves mostly just fall off, and very early in the season too. Guess I'll leave it be, and keep on hoping for a prettier display.
I think most gardeners will agree that using lamium as a groundcover is a risky proposition. This stuff tries to take over the entire garden! But you know what? It's very easy to remove what you don't want because it pulls out easily. And look at it bloom! Very, very pretty, you have to admit. I've even had a few blooms in the middle of winter. Don't be afraid to use it, just know that you will have to rein in its exuberance now and then. After I took this photo, I removed about half of this area. It will be back, don't worry. Once you buy it, you'll never have to buy it again. There's always plenty to go around.
I've also heard that Evening primrose will try to take over my garden. So far, I'm enjoying it. There are lots and lots of pretty pink flowers bobbing in the wind. I've got it in an area where it really can't take over, so we'll see what I think of it as the summer wears on. I put down this seed last summer, and these are the first blooms I've had.
There are so many other pretty spots that are growing well in the early summer heat, too many to put in one post. I'll leave you with a new favorite, but a familiar one to many. I didn't really plan to grow Moonshine yarrow, but I couldn't resist the 75 cent pots found on the clearance tables at Lowe's at the end of  last summer. I'm so glad I didn't resist! These guys have been in bloom for weeks, and really look great for a long period of time. The bright yellow just grabs your eyes and holds it. I keep reminding myself to pick some and dry them, but I always have a hard time taking away from an outdoor display.
 And look how pretty it plays with the lavender. 
So the garden grows and grows this time of year, while I try to savor every moment! Summer is definitely my favorite season of all. 


  1. Wow, you've really lovely colour in the garden. So many plants I like but don't have! The feathery Arkansas Bluestar is a lovely little plant, don't think i've seen it before. What a lovely garden!

  2. Roses and foxglove, my favorites. I need to replant the foxglove because it didn't come back nor did it reseed. I like lamium. I have a bit growing here. From a distance, your garden must just shout color.

  3. Spectacular! What a feast for the eyes! Love them all :) And you know what? I don't have any of them in my garden..

  4. All looks so lush and lovely, Robin! Sorry 'bout your Kousa ... we just removed a huge gangly one in the back but my front one is stunning! I hate/wrestle with lamium that reverted and is chocking out my precious wildflowers like Lady's Slippers ... and Evening Primrose is lovely but too aggressive and happy in my gardens ... lucky it is easy to remove! Oh well, such is the life of a gardener ... and where did May go :(

  5. I love seeing all your plants and flowers, Robin. Clematis is one that I just haven't been able to grow. I don't know if it's the soil here or if it didn't get enough sunshine - and I tried 2 different spots! I have lamium growing on the mostly shady side of my house. Makes a great ground cover.

  6. I hear you on hating to dig out the dogwood but I guess that's what the garden "experts" would say. If it doesn't perform, replace it. I planted one last year that is barely making it. I think we are the limit of its range tho??? So I knew it would be risky.
    Your garden looks good ~ envious of the foxgloves!!

  7. Robin your golden yarrow is just lovely. And that Lamium is really spreading so nicely. It looks wonderful.


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