Friday, May 4, 2012

Quick Peek

It's been a busy time of year for me lately, and that means I haven't had time to devote to my garden. So instead of working in the garden, I went out to take a quick peek before heading off in another direction. I found the first rose bloomed! It was a bit beat up, but it does bode well for the upcoming rose season.
My beautifully fragrant iris continues to pump out the blooms. I can't love this one enough!
The alliums have peeked, and every year when they bloom I try to figure out why I don't have more of these.
We're being over run by lamium out front, but you have to admit it blooms beautifully. And it definitely does the job of covering the ground while still looking good.
I'm watching for my ninebark Diablo to bloom. What a lovely shrub this is.
By my front lamp post, I have two clematis intertwined, so I'm not sure which flower is which here. Polish Spirit and Jackmanni Superba are both possibilities.
Last year's snapdragons survived our mild winter, and are ready to bloom again. I had never grown the tall snaps before, and was pleased to no end to find out how well they bloomed all season long. So I am very happy to find that they survived and are ready to bloom once more.
I found one last peek out in the garden after dinner. The coral bells are blooming out front, so I hope to see the hummingbirds returning soon to enjoy them.
Okay, that's all the peeking I can do today. Off I go once more. Someday soon, I'll be able to get out and really enjoy the garden. Bye!


  1. You've got quite a bit going on in your garden. That Iris is spectacular and the Alliums look great. It's great that you had your tall Snapdragons return for another year's show.

  2. I often wonder the same thing about alliums....why so few in my garden? Lamium is pretty this time of year. Mine has been in the ground a few years and so far I've been able to contain it and not let it take over.

    Great photos, as usual.

  3. Those gardens keep right on going even when we are busy. Yours is looking so pretty. I love your Ninebark with the dark foliage. So pretty Robin. Have a nice weekend and do not work too hard.

  4. Oh, I am glad that you peeked around. I was wondering if I had lost your blog. One my other favorites just plain disappeared. I hate losing blogger friends. Your spring flowers are quite pretty and I know what you mean about the alliums. I had three in the back garden, but only one bloomed this year, so I dug up the one that was really struggling. Turns out that the main bulb was rotting and it had sent grown a baby. I transplanted the baby, but it is looking sickly. Don't know why the bulb would rot. Hope to see you soon.

  5. Very nice peeking for all of us. Your garden is looking peppy and happy for spring! I love that iris!

  6. I hope you get a chance to spend more time out there soon. Things are looking great! I love the blue on the iris. My snapdragons have been coming back for a few springs, too. One is blooming, and the others will soon.


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