Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Busy September

The month of September is busy in my garden, and I don't even have to be there. You see, it isn't me that's busy. It's all the little visitors that come here in late summer. The butterflies, moths, skippers, bees, wasps, and flies all seem to arrive at once. It feels so good to see them here, because then I know that my garden is a safe zone for wildlife.
There are still some flowers to enjoy here and there. I did lose a few to the drought, but I know that those that remain are a hardy lot. These diehards will be the basis of my new garden technique. I will no longer assume that rain will fall in summer. Instead, I'll expect it to only be hot and dry, and plant accordingly. I'm trying to convince hubby to take the same approach with the lawn, but I'm not sure he's on board.
 I hear this refrain from many other garden bloggers this year. No more prima donnas will be allowed in the garden. Well, except for my roses. I don't consider them prima donnas anyway, like so many others do.
Any new members of my garden will have to be ever so dependable, like Sedum Autumn Joy. This one will never let you down. It doesn't need water, it doesn't need care, and it attracts every pollinator in town. Sometimes you can't even count how many insects are on it at once.
I do love to see praying mantis in my garden. After all, they are considered a beneficial insect, eating up some of the bad bugs. But I'm not sure I like where this guy has set up camp on the aforementioned sedum. I think he means to make a meal of the various pollinators that come by.
But it's nature's way, and I won't disturb him. He and his nearby pregnant wife are welcome in my garden, anytime!
 All the busy bees and bugs are so very welcome here, in September or any time! 


  1. Your pictures are so great!!And so many special
    visitors - wonderful.
    I love that white rose!
    Please tell me, what do you mean with "prima donnas"?

    Love Meggie

  2. Hello Robin girl !
    Your pictures are absolutely stunning ! .. what camera are you using ? .. I need to really study my DSLR .. I am falling into the point and shoot on automatic all the time.
    I never see those praying mantis in my garden .. I may not be looking in the right spots ?
    YES !! to "heck" with the needy plants I have no energy to waste on any more .. but hubby does need a bit of lawn to play with ... BIG sigh ! LOL

  3. All of the butterfly and bee photos, as well as the two praying mantis photos, are amazing! It really is a joy to see wildlife in the garden and tp know that we have provided a good environment for them. And we, of course, benefit most of all.

  4. What beautiful photos and flowers you have in the garden. I think you could enter a photo competition with some of those photos. I like seeing the praying mantis as well, they are pretty cool. I photographed a cricket this year - not very exciting, however the first I've seen in Northern Ireland.

  5. Hi Robin! September is very colorful in your garden! I wish I had praying mantis in mine! Once, I bought ladybugs, but they departed the next day...

  6. Your photos are so pretty, especially the ones with the butterflies and bugs. I have sedum in my butterfly garden, though mine is more purple. You are right - you never have to do anything to it! I never water it or touch it and it comes back beautifully every year and has spread nicely, too.


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