Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's The Little Things

It's early September, and the extreme drought and heat have faded just enough to wake up my sleeping garden. During the worst of the drought, there wasn't much to see. Now some little gems are peeking out for me to enjoy. For instance the tiny "white" sunflowers are in bloom, finally. They were supposed to be large and white, but somehow I don't think yellow sunflowers that are only one foot tall are quite the same.
My black eyed susan vines had withered away to almost nothing after growing only a few inches high. Now suddenly, one little flower appeared. It's not exactly going to make a big impact in my garden, but it's still cute.
Autumn sage recently came to my garden, and I'm enjoying the tiny bright pink blossoms. Hopefully next year they will put on a much bigger show. I've seen them planted in the median of a nearby city, thriving with no care whatsoever, so I figured I could count on them.
I thought the bicolor buddliea was a goner during the drought, but not only has it put on new leaves, it is starting to bloom again.
The world's most pitiful rose bush has put out one single lavender bloom scented so very sweetly. This is Angel Face. 
Black and Blue salvia finally starting blooming. I overwinter this in the basement every year since I'm pushing its zone. Love it!
Here's another one that spends all winter in the basement, because it's an annual here. It's Mona Lavender
Plectranthus, and it doesn't bloom until late summer. It only has one or two blooms right now, but hopefully it will keep on going until it's covered in flowers.
Even Phlox Nicky decided to come out of retirement and put out two little blossoms.
And after two years sitting in the garage, we finally installed the pretty white birdhouse on its pole.
Sometimes, it's the little things that really make me smile!


  1. oooh, LOVE your birdhouse Robin! what a great addition to your garden. I hope you get an occupant next year!
    Funny how everything perks up when it cools off a bit. We are supposed to cool out of the 90's this week so I hope that helps my garden too.
    Now ~ you "have" to tell me about overwintering the black & blue salvia in the basement!!!! I have never tried keeping that one ~ I just buy them every year but I'd love to save it if I could.
    Happy September! Hope your garden continues to give you surprises like the ones you shared.

  2. Hi Robin
    Your pictures on flowers and greeneries give me enough strength to work without food for the day! :)

  3. You picked a beautiful spot for that white birdhouse. Any bird would be so happy to take up residence there!

  4. Hi Robin. The little bird house just hits the spot, doesn't it. Your garden does have a lot color yet. Mine is all but gone. The roses weren't quite as bold as they could have been, perhaps once it finally cools down--91 for today. I am sorry to here about your knee. I broke my ankle a few years ago, requiring pins and plates to put it back together and it didn't heal. The bone didn't mend in a very timely fashion. So discouraging to be laid up, isn't it? How do you get along at work? Have a good week end.

  5. Most of my flowers are starting to wither and look just downright "dingy" already. My butterfly bushes are still in bloom and looking good, but those are late bloomers. I love your birdhouse - glad you got it put up!


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