Tuesday, November 6, 2012

That Last Fall Walk

Over the last week, the beautiful fall weather we were enjoying just disappeared. The skies turned gray, the rain arrived, the wind blew all the leaves away, and it turned cold. But before the change of weather, I took one final fall walk. I didn't know it was the last pretty day, so I'm extra glad that I took the time to enjoy that beautiful day. This time I walked at Blacklick Woods.
Trust me, I was the only one there for the beauty. There was a lot of fitness going on around me that day. But not me. I was just there to take it all in.

 The air was warm, the sun was shining, and fall colors were still all around.
It was just one in a long string of magical fall days this year.
I didn't walk very far, or very fast. But that's mostly because there were too many pretty sights to catch my eye.

So I let the joggers and speed walkers just buzz right by me. I kept my pace slow, so I didn't miss anything. I took the time to just soak it all in, because I knew that winter was breathing down my neck.
I'm so glad I took the time to enjoy that lovely fall afternoon before the dreary winter ahead. It was worth every step. 


  1. Dear Robin, I so much enjoyed strolling with you through the woods. Beautiful fall photographs. P. x

  2. Wow! The fourth image of the gorgeous butterfly is stunning. The white flowers made the perfect backgorund. It would be lovely if you can provide the ID of this brilliantly coloured winged-critter.

  3. Hi Robin. I didn't realize that I had missed so many of your posts. You have such beautiful fall colors. I especially like the photos of the lake reflections, so beautiful. I think we are all hoping for a wet winter. Our snow is now all gone. It was probably 70 today with more warm weather. This last snow was nice and wet, but the warm weather will dry out the ground again. And the butterfly is really beautiful. You should walk more often--camera in hand, of course.

  4. Robin girl ! ... You did a wonderful job with capturing all these beautiful pictures on that last gorgeous day of Fall there .. you are like me .. I am so intense about looking at all the beauty around me .. forget the fitness thing or anyone whizzing around me ... they are missing the real POINT !
    I was actually out in my garden (the back one ) with the boys and we were doing a clean up .. I was so into watching the leaves with their colour while sweeping them up .. they were beautiful and the conditions were perfect , no wind !!
    YES !! I keep track of my bulbs because I only have two major plantings .. the daffs I don't worry about (squirrels don't go for them thankfully) but my Ballerina tulips would have been another story .. so far so good ! phew!!
    Now lets get on with this blasted winter so we can have Spring ?? LOL

  5. Gorgeous photos Robin! That one with the berries and red leaf really catches my eye and shows both the ending of the garden season and also the fruitfulness. Such a splendid walk!

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