Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Prettiest Tree

Our beautiful, warm fall has taken a turn for the worst. Blue skies have turned gray. Warmth and sunshine has turned into cold rain. I'm so glad I got all of my bulbs planted the other day when it still felt like summer! On that golden day, I made sure to snap a few fall photos, and I'm so glad I did.
It was only three days ago, but in that short time, this gorgeous tree is nearly bare.
There are so many pretty spots here at home in the fall, but nothing quite so beautiful as the ornamental pear tree.
It's always the last to turn color. That alone makes it a favorite. Right when the other trees have turned bare, it puts on it's own private show of color.
There's an entire rainbow of color in this one single tree. It's certainly the prettiest tree in town.
I'll see you again in the spring pretty tree, when are covered in soft, white flowers!


  1. Really pretty Autumn photos with the sun coming through. Sunny Autumn days are wonderful. However we're getting a rainy dull Autumn day in Northern Ireland today.

  2. Those are some of the prettiest fall photos I've seen on blogs this year. Did you wire the apples on the branches just for the pictures? Ha-Ha! Or are those the fruit of the ornamental pear tree? That gorgeous blue sky was the perfect background for your photos. Good work!

  3. Just lovely Robin. Sure a difference that the landscape this morning. Stay safe up there.

  4. There's nothing more beautiful than a crisp blue sky behind a colorful Fall tree. You did a good job capturing nature at its best.

  5. Hi Robin! It's a beautiful tree! I am always amazed to see several colors on the same plant. We have several around here that show green, red, yellow at the same time. I've been told that one of those trees was sweet gum tree. Your tree has an additional bonus - tiny fruit!


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