Thursday, October 11, 2012

Those Perfect Fall Days

There is nothing that distracts me more than a perfect fall day. The sun will be shining, the sky is clear blue,  the leaves are a kaleidoscope, and that's how it starts. Soon, all thoughts of housework are banished, and I'm off on a walk through the woods.
 Now I meant to do my work on this day. After all, there were clothes to put away, dishes to wash, mail to sort through, and errands to run. But I did none of it.
Instead, I grabbed my camera for a quick hike to the top of my mountain.
 Trust me, it is no mountain. Just a nearby hill I can see out my bedroom window. I call it my mountain when I see it there. It's called Chestnut Ridge, and it's the perfect place to spend an autumn afternoon.
 I'm not sure that my still-ailing knee approved of the adventure, but I was determined to go anyway. I'd go slow, I told myself. I'd only go to the overlook, then turn around, I said.
 But there were things to keep pulling me on. If I just go a little farther, I can see the pretty meadow, is what I said to myself.
Around the next curve is that far off view of the nearby hills.
 And on I went, of course. Maybe over here I'll see those charming white squirrels.
 Soon I had whiled away several hours on my gentle hike through the woods. I wasn't tired, and my knee wasn't sore, but my heart was full. You know you are in a lovely place when you often sigh in contentment.
Those perfect fall days will do it to me every time.


  1. I don't blame you at all for taking a walk and photographing such beauty! I thought the goldenrod and asters was the best then I saw the white squirrel! I have never ever seen one-incredible!

  2. I love this time of year and your photos are beautiful. I have never seen a white squirrel before!

  3. That was a beautiful walk, and I am not out of breath at the white squirrel, haven't seen one either.

    Your shots, the perspective, them.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

    PS thanks for the wonderful comment, some of them had me feeling like I was admitting to a awful thing by saying it open and honest writing, how they read that into it? I needed to read the nice comments like yours...there was nothing bad in what I had was more realization then anything else.

  4. Picture perfect, Robin. The colors are glorious. I especially like the one with the blue, a wonderful compliment with all of the oranges and reds. We have some color here, but not near the variety or the abundant reds. Good news that your knee is healing. And where did you find an albino squirrel? He's cute.

  5. *sigh* I miss Ohio each time autumn comes around. There is no place like it. It is as if nature's angels came down to earth and painted each leaf. Thanks for taking me on a little Ohio walk with you!

    The afghan is a gift for one of my brother's. It is crocheted but with how I changed colors, it gives it a very unusual look.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  6. Robin girl ... this post has been glorious ! .. All this beautiful country side and all of these colours .. truly perfect ! ... and a white squirrel ? what is up with that ? LOL
    He or she looks beautiful in any case .. perfect ghostly Halloween squirrel !
    I had to take my sumac out because it was starting to fail .. plus all the years of hard work were beginning to wear on us .. sumacs .. Stag Horn, are a lot of work hacking out runners and especially the way I trained it in a pollard fashion .. so once the stump is cured , hopefully next Spring I can get Golden Spirit smoke bush in and train it as a tree!
    I really enjoyed your post here Robin ... simply beautiful !!
    Joy : )

  7. That squirrel is beautiful & the lighting perfect!
    I don't blame you for throwing work to the wind & taking a walk instead. It's incredible around your home. Glad you shared it with us. The trees are probably at their peak here but I haven't taken one photo! Shame on me...

  8. I love the colourful yet mellow fall colours depicted by your photos. That image of a white squirrel is most delightful.

  9. Your fall pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Can you believe I've never seen a white squirrel?! We have tons of the common brown ones here and the occasional black one.

  10. Thanks for taking us with you on your walk. I did not spend as much time outside as I wanted to today, because I have some kind of bug. Still, I did get a little done. It was a beautiful day.


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