Thursday, October 4, 2012

Letting go.....

My love of summer is no secret. It's my favorite season, by far. The long warm days with the garden in full bloom, what's not to love? But fall is coming on here in central Ohio. That means my goodbye to summer is at hand. It is officially autumn already, but many of the days are still warm and sunny. So it doesn't really feel like fall yet until you look at the trees. The changing leaves tell the real story. I'm going to have to let go of summer, and soon.
Sedum Autumn Joy with penny ball

"White sunflower with dead lawn

My garden is fading, even as the summer flowers linger on.

Picasso petunias
But the fall flowers are taking center stage instead.
Mona Lavender plecanthrus
Hot Salsa mums
Seeded dahlias
So I need to start my goodbyes. The summer is fading fast. Summer's favorites won't be here much longer.
Summer container
It's hard. When my garden fades away, I get a little sad. During the long, cold winter, I really miss my flowers. I've planned the garden so there is some winter interest here and there, but it's just not the same as having flowers.
Sedum Angelina
Bonfire Euphorbia
It's time to start letting go, even while the flowers are still beautiful. Only a few weeks until the first frost. That's when the goodbyes really start.
Favorite foliage container
Cecile Parade rose
 I just have to remember not to cry, they'll be back next year. Wait, they aren't even gone yet! I'd better go enjoy them one more time.


  1. I was trying to hang onto summer to Robin but I guess it is time to get real. LOL! You have some pretty blooms yet left in your garden. I really like your Mona Lavender plecanthrus. How Pretty Robin!

  2. Just seems a few weeks ago everything was starting to bloom!

  3. Your images are so in focus, they look almost three-dimensional.

  4. Robin girl ! I am totally in love with those "Hot Salsa " mums !
    I have those petunias but they were called something else .. you had a beautiful garden and a wow! planter this year girl !
    Joy : )

  5. I'm not ready for winter. I am glad that not everything finishes up at the same time. I enjoyed your photos.


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