Friday, October 19, 2012

Falling for Autumn

This fall, I think I have changed my mind about my favorite season. I always rave about how much I like summer, but now I'm not so sure. See, after the summer drought, we all expected autumn to be a drab affair. Instead the opposite was true. I've never seen autumn so lovely. It's a perfect time for drives in the country.
Now I don't know if the extra colors have anything to do with the drought or not.
Maybe we just learn to appreciate everything more as time goes on. 
But it's not important why autumn is so beautiful. I've simply learned to appreciate the beauty of a perfect fall day just as much as I do a perfect summer day.
On days like this, there are no worries.
Nothing seems to matter except being in the moment.
All you need is the sunshine on your face and your feet on the ground.
So come along and fall for autumn with me, it only lasts a little while.


  1. Robin your pictures are spectacular! Some I have seen in person this week. LOL! I really enjoyed the walk at Chestnut Ridge. Te trees are beautiful this year. We got rain just at the right time.

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  3. Gorgeous pictures, Robin! Even though I'm a summer lover like you, I do enjoy some aspects of fall, such as the beautiful foliage...and getting to wear hoodies. ;-)

  4. Robin girl , now you know you can't stay mad at me for long (about my sumac anyways ? LOL)
    I have Golden Spirit smoke bush that I am training to be a tree .. Royal Purple smoke bush is already and not too bad a job I did .. if I have to say so myself ? haha
    But .. I have to .. and I hate saying it this way .. kill the tap root of the trunk from the sumac , over winter by salting it .. tricky business since I have some nice plants by it still ... then come Spring I hope to be able to remove what is left of the stump and plant Golden Spirit there .. best laid plans ?? we'll have to see ... after planting 120 Spring bulbs how can I say I can't hope for the best? LOL
    Girl you are finally coming over to my side with Autumn being the best season of the year .. although our Autumn here is not one of our better ones .. your's is looking awesome !
    You have some gorgeous pictures here! You should have them printed out .. matted and framed because they are so beautiful !
    And .... that white squirrel ... only seeing it in one certain spot right ? .. I think we have a true squirrel HAUNTING happening !! I'll be right over .. have some strong coffee and a few doughnuts ready and we'll nail this sucker for Ripley's !!! LOL
    PS ... I wouldn't mind a few copies of these pictures by the way ? wink wink

  5. Wow, Robin! What lovely words and illustrations! We are having cold and windy days now, and I am not enjoying them so much. We had to turn our heater on, but I am still cold with two long sleeve shirts and a sweatshirt on. I hope we get some 60s again to enjoy.

  6. It seems that all across America bloggers are saying what a beautiful we've had despite the drought. So happy for it too! And it looks likes it is going to last a while. It's gorgeous there.

    Your 'Earl of Sussex' is going on my list for new irises!


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