Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Fall Garden

Mild fall weather here has allowed my garden to keep looking good for awhile longer. The light frosts haven't done it much damage quite yet. We expect to enjoy pansies,
Pansy pot
Hot Salsa mums
Pink mums
and sedums in October.
Penny ball and pink mums
And black eyed susans wouldn't be a complete surprise.
Sunflowers aren't out of the question.
I was surprised to find these daisies blooming. But when I saw the same daisies at Lowe's, I realized they were Montauk daisies for the fall. I found them languishing at the back of my garden last year and couldn't figure out what they were. Once I moved them up front, they began to put out flowers. I don't even remember planting them, as they haven't bloomed for a few years.
Montauk daisy
Some of my roses look good still, and that has also been a surprise. The foliage doesn't look good at all, but these flowers are just as pretty as ever.
Funny Face rose
Michelangelo rose
Fourth of July rose
Fourth of July
Oranges and Lemons
But the biggest surprise of all was finding my iris in bloom! I always make sure to plant reblooming iris, but I never really expect that to be true. And it really wasn't true, this one never bloomed in the spring. Strange. This is Earl of Essex. Beautiful!
Earl of Essex
I hope my fall garden hangs on for awhile longer. I never really want to let it go....
Front porch


  1. So wonderful roses! Your garden looks great and I
    cross my fingers for a long, long fall.


  2. You have more in bloom than I do. I have an iris similar to yours. The fall blooms always get chewed up by insects. They seem to look out of place to me amid the leaves and other fall blooms. Yours look to be in better shape than mine.


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