Sunday, December 30, 2012

Looking back....

It's the end of the year, and so many of us are looking back over 2012 in review. I'm not going to lie, it wasn't my favorite year. There were many high points, and I treasure those. But the lows were hard to fight. I'm looking forward to 2013 being a much better year. For one thing, I've retired from my job, and can call my time my own. That alone will make 2013 a very good year.
 And as for the garden, it was not a good year at all. Some of that may have been neglect, but most of it was due to the drought conditions experienced by much of the country. Still, there were plenty of highlights to the year, even at it's worst. One good thing about the mild weather was that I actually had pansies still blooming in January. That was a first.
By March, there were daffodils, crocus, hellebores, primrose, species tulips, and even the Bradford pear in bloom. At the end of the month, even the beloved redbud was in bloom.
April felt like full on summer, and the drought hadn't kicked in yet. Everything was green and lush. The late spring and early summer flowers bloomed in profusion, and it was tempting to put the summer annuals in. But I knew better.

May is the month of roses at my house. And 2012 was no different. May also saw my arbor looking pretty enough that the neighborhood girls wanted their prom pictures taken there, and I was only too happy to oblige.

June and July went by in a blur. I had knee surgery, and barely even touched the garden. By then, the drought had begun. Things did bloom without my help, but the whole garden started to look tired. And the lawn burned to a crisp.
As the summer drew to a close, we had all but given up on the garden. There were some troopers out there blooming, but it was harder and harder to find the pretty spots. The butterflies didn't seem to mind, and continued to visit in great numbers.
Despite the dry, dry summer, autumn turned out to be one of the most beautiful ones we've had here. Every day was warm, dry, and sunny. I "wasted" many an autumn day out enjoying the beauty, in every park in town.

In November, the cold weather finally arrived, and the garden goodbyes began. I had to search harder to find  the beauty, and settled for a more subtle style. Even freeze dried flowers are worthy of note when winter is breathing down your neck.

And now it's the end of December. My garden is sleeping under more snow than we had the whole winter last year.
Come on 2013, let's make this the best garden year ever!


  1. A beautiful recap Robin. I hope 2013 is nice to all us gardeners. Happy New Year!

  2. Our summer was hot and dry, with a milder fall, too. I have been having problems with my back, so was unable to do much in the garden. I am looking forward to a new gardening season, too.

  3. Glorious colors and Prom Pictures under the Arbot. Life is good.


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