Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Learning to Appreciate Winter

After the mild winter we had last year, this one has already been a snowy one. As suspected, we've already had more snow so far than we had the whole winter last year. You'd think that would be a bad thing for a winter hater like me. Instead, I'm enjoying it. What?
I have no idea why the change of heart. Maybe it's something as simple as the cleanliness of the snow cover.
What ever the reason, I'm simply going to accept my new found appreciation for winter.
  I even thought of another good reason to enjoy all this snow. We need the moisture! Remember, we are coming off of a drought. Once the snow melts, my garden will say "Ahhh". Well, if it could talk, I guarantee it would make that sound we all make when our thirst is quenched.

The snow was so pretty on this New Year's Day that I had to go out and walk in it, of course with my camera in hand. I have my own little spot to enjoy a snowy day, and no one else seemed much interested in it. Their loss. The only bad part is that its unpopularity means that the paths will not be shoveled. I had to wade right through the snow, but came prepared with boots.
I thought it was noteworthy that the first day of the new year was whitewashed clean by the snow. Our lives are the same way. We have a brand new year to do with what ever we want. The old year has been covered in snow, and the new one is clean, fresh, and ready to go!
Welcome 2013, I'm glad to see you, even covered in snow.


  1. I'm glad you ventured out there. Your photos captured the beauty of the snow covered spaces well! I hate winter, too, but would rather have a cold one than a cold, late spring. I am glad we have some snow cover, too.

    Happy New Year! Oh, and I enjoyed reading your sentiments about snow and winter.

  2. Through your musings I'm beginning to appreciate the cold and starkness of winter better. Best regards and Happy New Year.

  3. Such beautiful pictures of the area Robin. We had so little of it last year that I am afraid we will make up for it this year. I love looking at it but I am glad I do not have to drive to work in it anymore. LOL! Happy 2013 to you.

  4. We are having another mild winter in the South-East, so I will appreciate winter from afar. through your pictures. Thanks

  5. That's the idea-embrace it! For, like everything, it will soon be gone and it is much too beautiful not to enjoy. Happy New Year to you!

  6. We entered this new year with a blanket of white as well. It does tend to clear your mind and the garden doesn't it? Cheers to 2013.

  7. Greetings! I would like to pass The Liebster Award on to you. I was just awarded it and had to choose 11 other blogs to pass the award along to.

    No worries if it is not something you are interested in, I just wanted to pass the award on to you as I really enjoy reading your blog!

    Details of the award and how it works can be found back on my blog at www.micimuddyboots.blogspot.co.uk

    Happy New Year and Best Wishes, Mici.


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