Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter Sunsets

I am particularly enchanted by sunsets. Some will watch them when vacationing at the beach, but otherwise don't seem to notice the unfolding beauty. I've even been at the beach during a beautiful sunset, while others are casually leaving the scene without a backward glance. How do they do that?
Me, I seek out the sunset, where ever and when ever I can. I'm always looking for the perfect spot where I can enjoy the closing of the day. Generally, they seem to be better if they can be seen over a body of water, right? Well, there is a big pond right down the road, but because it's part of a wetland nature preserve, the access is limited. You just can't get on the right side of the pond to see the sun set in summer. But in winter, the sun sets right over the water, or ice as the case may be. Perfect.

Now it takes a little fortitude to enjoy the scene in winter. Yes, you can point your camera out the car window. But the best views require you to get out of the warm car, and brave the cold. And I do believe it is impossible to take a picture with gloves on.
Oh well, it doesn't matter. The sun is gone in a few minutes, then it's home to warm up. And of course I have the place to myself in winter.
So try it sometime. Enjoy a winter sunset. Enjoy any sunset! It's the marking of another beautiful day gone by. Isn't that worthy of our appreciation?


  1. What wonderful photos! It's great to get out in the cold air, and great to be able to get into the heat after. :)

  2. They are just glorious Robin. Some of them just take your breath away with their beauty at times and make you thank God for them.

  3. I agree with your enthusiasm about sunsets. Growing up and living in West Michigan, I was taught to enjoy them early in life, it is very common in the summer for people to walk out to the end of the breakwater to watch the sunset. Sometimes it is like a line of ants marching out to sea. I find people very observant about sunsets here. Maybe because they are so beautiful over Lake Michigan.

  4. Such gorgeous pictures, Robin! I've always enjoyed sunsets. I have beautiful views of them out the back window of our house, which is in Phil's old room. :-)

  5. Robin, I love love sunsets. I am not an early riser, (more like a just in time, riser!), so the sunset is more my speed.
    You've captured lovely ones.
    I was so glad to find you still active, so many of my blogger friends have faded away, and I myself allowed my blog to fall into the black hole of neglect, I'm afraid!
    I'll be back, soon!

  6. I enjoy the winter sunset-all of them in fact. It is one of my favorite times of the day with dawn being a favorite but I am rarely up to see the sunrise! Lovely pond.

  7. I don't see much of a sunset on my property because of the tree line. However, I dearly love the prairie sunsets where the sun simply melts into the ground. Thanks for the reminder to stop and look.


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