Sunday, May 5, 2013

I'm in Love

Yes, I'm in love, and you probably are too. Ah spring, my beloved! The weather is no longer moody and unpredictable. We've been in a nice long stretch of warm and sunny days. That alone would be enough to make me fall in love with the month of May. But when the days are warm and sunny, that means the earth is waking in up, and in full color. It's the most beautiful of months.
It's been so nice that I even broke the rules and planted out a few warm season plants, even though we are still a week or so away from the frost free date. They'll be fine, and if not, I can sneak them into the garage overnight if frost threatens.
 The pastel colors of May are seen on every corner, at my house and everywhere I go. I've noticed that as the month wears on, the pastels slowly transform over to the bolder colors of summer.
I know one thing for sure. If we don't get a rainy day sometime soon, my house is never going to get cleaned. I'd rather do garden work over housework anytime!
So yes, I'm in love with the month of May. Honestly, I always have been. I was born in the month of May, not to mention that it is the prettiest month of the year. You really must agree, right?


  1. Yes, May is the month for love of flowers and your tulips are fabulous.

  2. Hi Robin, I'm glad to hear you are having a string of good weather. Ours started today with the high in the 60s, and the rest of the week is expected to get into the 70s. There is rain in the forecast, though. Still, I will say I am also in love with May. (Did you like my rhyme?) :o) Hey, thanks for your nice comment on my blog about how I would have fit right in on your walk to find wildflowers.

  3. What beautiful flowers and so cheerful looking!

  4. Yes, love is the right word for spring and now that it has rained all smells just wonderful. Enjoy this day.


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