Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Moody Kind of Spring

One minute it's hot, the next it's cold. Welcome to spring in Ohio. Overall, it's been a little colder than usual. But it's hard to compare, because we tend to think about that crazy, warm spring we had last year. That definitely was not the norm. Since I can't depend on the weather to be reliably warm, I make sure to take advantage of the nice days. In other words, housework takes a back seat to yard work and garden exploring. But you know what? That's pretty much always true with me.
Spring is so downright colorful, isn't it? The world blooms in candy colored flowers, with a new sweet surprise showing up every day.

One of my favorite parts of spring is when the fall planted bulbs pop up. Often times, I forget planting them till they appear. And it's always a delightful surprise. I call these checkered lilies, but I know they are really a Fritallaria meleagris.
Pulmonaria saccharata ' Mrs. Moon' is more commonly known as Lungwort. It doesn't make a very big showing, but the spotted foliage and the multicolored flowers make it fun to enjoy. The rest of the summer the foliage fades into decline, but it's small and barely noticeable. 

 I love plants that give me freebies. In other words, plants that seed themselves around are most welcome. Jack Frost brunnera is one of those. I assume they are related to forget-me-nots since they look so similar. Note to self, move this back further into the shade so they don't burn up in late summer as usual. 

 I'll gain more freebies from my hellebores. Seedlings are everywhere this spring, but so tiny that I have no idea which variety is which. I guess I'll find out later on. I'm not sure why this one decided to face up, since most of them face down towards the ground. 

 Of course much of my spring color comes from the addition of candy colored pansies. It's a flower I just can't do without in spring. By spring time, I'm dying to see some color but the frost free date is still too far away for safety. Enter the common pansy, who doesn't mind a bit when the nights get chilly. They just bloom on and on till it gets too hot out. By then, I'll simply swap them out for brightly colored summer annuals. 

 And so it goes. Spring is so easy to love, even though she can be a bit moody. The flowers are ever so welcome after a cold, gray winter, and the green leaves and lawns are a balm for the eyes. Welcome anyway, you moody Miss Spring! 



  1. Sure looks like spring around your neck of the woods! I love all your pretties...

  2. I think those Checkered Lilies are so unusual and sweet. I love the color of your creeping phlox too. That tulips is gorgeous but sorry I cannot help with the name. :)
    Have a lovely weekend Robin.

  3. I love that red hellebore! Our spring arrival was odd this year, also. We had cold, rainy weather well past its normal, but temps would be warm enough every few days to stimulate some plants to growth. So spring came slowly, in spurts, rather than a steady flow. But it is here now, and I am happy, though we are still having some unseasonably cool (not freezing) temps at night.

  4. A moody kind of spring is the best term for this spring for sure. I definitely agree with you that last spring was not normal. This one, while moody, has been more normal-a big relief. Those pansies really grab my eye! They are definitely looking good enough to eat. Happy spring to you! Yes, you made it thru another winter! Yeah!

  5. Maybe a menopausal Spring, Robin ? LOL
    You have such pretty flowers smiling for you right now .. I really like the checkered lily too! .. ah ! yes ! pansies .. that was the first flower I remember as a child .. the smell was absolutely heaven to me .. great shots girl !
    Joy : )

  6. I hear the excitement here and I feel much the same. A slow spring for sure but the flowers are loving it. It is dry here however. No season comes without a bit of garden tension.

  7. Spring is kind of contrary here's freezing cold, and there was snow on the wind today. The other day, it was warm, shorts weather...

    But you got lovely shots, no matter what.


  8. Spring is bipolar here in IL, too! We just got done with cold and tons of rain and now yesterday and today have been 85 and sunny. However, forecast shows nothing but rain again and temps in the 50's and 60's starting tomorrow. Yuck. Loved seeing all your gorgeous flowers!

  9. Moody is a good word for Spring Robin! I think our Spring is in a decidedly bad mood tho. We can't get rid of the snow! Your garden looks so pretty. It gives me hope that sooner or later, it will happen here.

  10. I love that checkered lily. I've not had the 'Jack Frost' brun. or hellebores seed themselves before that I know of. I'll have to be more observant.


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