Monday, April 8, 2013

I Made It

I did it. Another winter has gone by, and it finally feels like spring! I suppose I shouldn't think about winter as simply a season to be gotten through. Moving somewhere warm would solve that issue, but that's a thought for another day. All I know is spring has arrived. Thank goodness!

I broke out the sandals for the first time, an annual spring landmark for me. Usually I can wear them in late March, but not this time. The official date was April 7, mark it on your calendar.
It was warm enough to garden without a sweatshirt or jacket this weekend. That's when I know it's really spring. The breeze is soft, not harsh. When the sun shines, it's actually warm. I can hear the birds sing again. All of these things point to spring.
There's one more important marker of spring, of course. The blooming of the spring bulbs is celebrated all around garden blog land. So why should I be any different? It's time for crocus and daffodils and hyacinth and hellebores and primroses and all the other early spring flowers that warm the heart and the spirit.
Yes indeed, we all made it through another winter. And spring is our prize.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous happy spring!!

  2. Now that's a garden, love the spring blooms.


  3. Your spring is happening faster than mine! It's been warmer here, but definitely not warm enough for sandals yet. And there's no bulbs popping up here yet, but I did plant a couple of pots of pansies today. It's a start!

  4. WOOW! They are definitely blooming very well.

  5. Really super Spring photos! So cheerful.

  6. Loving your spring blooms. It was such a lovely week. I love how that tulip looks against your sedum. So pretty together.


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