Sunday, April 14, 2013

Much to Love

April is a much loved month. I mean, who doesn't love it? The world wakes up from it's winter slumber, and everything is renewed. Green is the color of the day, along with the whites, pinks, purples, and yellows of every flowering plant.

There may be a few chilly days, and some areas may even see the occasional flake of snow. But for the most part, April will be increasingly pleasant as it wears on. It begins to softly warm up day by day. The sun shines more often. And new blooms are an every day affair.

In April, you don't dare miss a single day in the garden. You must at least take a daily walkabout, lest you miss even the smallest new arrival.
Every new blossom is celebrated. My camera is in constant use, because each new flower must be recorded. After all, this blog is mostly meant as a garden journal for me. If I photograph each flower as it arrives, I can more easily compare from year to year.
Yes, there is much to love about April, so take it all in, and enjoy every minute!


  1. Beautiful blooms!!
    are those Texas Bluebonnets?

  2. Your blooms are beautiful Robin. I think I need to pull up all my tulips and plant new perennial ones this fall. I do not think I am going to have many blooms at all. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Love seeing all those pretty flowers! April is already very hot here. Your April sounds like our February. Enjoy!

  4. Robin girl you have such lovely blooms to appreciate here ! .. I have a "couple" .. but I have been working so hard to get the garden up and running .. I am a wreck ! haha
    But ... eventually things will click and look pretty and I will be able to take lots of pictures of nice flowers and plants like yours !
    Yes that ice storm was from last week girl .. not funny .. but today is gorgeous so I take it when I can !!
    Joy : )


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