Sunday, May 27, 2018

Spring Makes a Quick Turn Into Summer

May is hands down the busiest month of the year in the garden. It's also the most delightful! There are so many new flowers coming into bloom that I'm forever photographing them all. With all these lovely blooms to share, you'd think I would have posted more frequently. Instead, the opposite was true. I was so busy planting everything that I couldn't begin to think of putting up a blog post. And when I finally went to do so, I found myself quite overwhelmed with photographs. But here I am finally trying to catch up with Life in Robin's Nest. I hope you think it was worth the wait.

Remember when we all thought that spring would never warm up? Well, it did. The cliches often say that we'd skip right over spring and move directly into summer, and that assessment wasn't very far off here in central Ohio. Our last frost was back in April, so I planted my containers early this year. While I have plenty of ground plantings, I find summer containers to be one of my favorite ways to garden.

Despite the current warm weather, we still started out the month of May with tulips. Normally they'd peak a couple weeks earlier, but were delayed by April's chill. The good part is that the chill made the blooms last extra long.

Next came all the other spring favorites, lilacs, columbines, redbuds, crabapples, and one of my personal favorite blooming trees, Chinese fringe tree. All the spring color made me almost giddy!

But the spring pastels quickly gave way to summer's more vibrant colors. I think this photo of my front walk illustrates that very point. Yes, that colorful pot on the front porch is a little jarring mixed with all the pastels around it. I fell victim to its glorious color combination while at the nursery, but when I got it home, I couldn't figure out how to make it work. The verdict is still out. When it comes to bright colors, I try to limit them to my back patio, while keeping the front a bit more subdued. I'm not always successful, because I dearly love bright colors.

And so here we are on Memorial Day weekend, when the summer season has its unofficial start. My garden is growing rapidly, and I'm already in summer mode, where I spend long hours outdoors enjoying it all. It's the season I wait for all year long!


  1. Your May garden truly is a joy to behold! I love all your pots. I recently purchased a small bottle tree with blue bottles, much like your own. Now I am seeing them all over the blogosphere!

    Our last frost this year was during the third week of April. Then summer temps and humidity arrived exactly on May 1. Some say we skipped spring. I won't say that, but I will say we had an unusually cool spring, which I really did enjoy. I wish we would have a cool summer, but little chance for that here in the subtropics!

  2. Everything looks absolutely gorgeous here Robin ! You are amazing with keeping up all these containers and beautiful garden plants .. I wish I had your fortitude and energy girl ! LOL
    I was out for a few hours today and dragged myself in for shower to collapse on my bed.
    WE jumped from Spring to summer here as well .. climate change ? .. I have a baby fringe tree and I am waiting to see those pretty white flowing flowers .. your redbud is stunning .. I love small tress .. my Japanese maples have been hit hard .. I just want to cry about them .. but we move on right ... on wards and upwards to plant again .. hoping for the best.
    Thanks for stopping by .. I even find the blog hard to keep up with .. maybe next year will be better .. fingers crossed !

  3. Your garden is stunning, Robin. I love your blue and yellow combinations. And such an inviting walk to your front door! Happy (Instant) Summer! P. x

  4. Gorgeous garden!!! I would just be in heaven each day looking at that..


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