Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cheating Winter

Like many areas around the country, it has been a fairly mild winter here in central Ohio. And I'm loving every minute of it! Oh, we had a little snow last week, but just a little. And it's long gone now. Fall extended itself into December a few times before, but this year, I had a few days of January that I would still call fall-ish. By fall-ish, I mean I had flowers in bloom outdoors. That's my qualification. If there are blooms, it can't possibly be winter. Even dandelions count as blooms, right?
Now we all know that pansies enjoy the cool weather. But still blooming in early January? That was a first for me.
And the pansy cousin violas, we can also expect to see them in winter's early chill.
I also find lamium to be a cool weather bloomer for me. But you have to look very closely to find these little flowers.
What I didn't expect to see in bloom was my rosemary plant, hugging closely to the kitchen door. It survived several freezes and even a little snow, by hiding there close to the warmth of the house. Rosemary does not survive the winter here in central Ohio, but I guess this little guy doesn't know that yet.
But one of my favorite winter "blossoms" is not a blossom at all. Angelina sedum is lovely enough in summer, but in winter, it goes from green, to yellow, to orange, and to red. And long after my winter flowers have succumbed to the cold, Angelina will still bring me a spot of color in the winter garden. That's how I cheat winter!


  1. Hi Robin,
    Even though you and I don't like winter, I am uncomfortable with how mild it has been so far. When April gets here, I always hope for the 60s or warmer.

    I think your dandelion thinks it is spring already. That sedum is pretty.

  2. Robin girl I am so sorry for the hassle of what happened to your blog !
    I'll make sure to update my link to you : )
    We have had some snow .. actually we had snow squalls last night with thunder and lightening .. now that was freaky ! haha
    Wow on these plant pictures girl .. to have them for this long is amazing !
    Especially the rosemary .. I love rosemary and have to have it every year : )
    Everything looks great here Robin .. it is good to move on, though I know I would be mad as "heck" if my blog was tampered with .. so I understand !!
    Joy : )

  3. Having your rosemary bloom is awesome! I can't even get one throught the winter on my kitchen counter under flourescents. Don't think I've ever see one bloom. Nice!

  4. Hi Robin. Wow that Sedum sure does shine in the garden bed. How pretty for some winter color. Dandelions!!! I had heard a few were finding them in their yards but that looks so strange. LOL!


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