Saturday, January 28, 2012

Looking For Sunshine

This may be one of the mildest winters we've ever seen, but that doesn't mean it isn't gloomy. While I'm enjoying the warmer weather and lack of snow, there has been nothing but clouds and rain as a substitute. I opened up the blinds this morning, and my shoulders literally sagged while I sighed. Now a few hours have gone by, and the sun has finally showed up in my neighborhood. What a treat! But earlier this week when it was still gray, I went in search of sunshine at the Franklin Park Conservatory.
 This is my usual winter respite. When the chilly, drab days start to overwhelm me, I head off for a little retreat of my own. 
Your blood pressure drops just by walking in the door.
Peace and serenity reigns.
You can walk through the desert,
or the jungle.
Sit by the pond and watch the koi,
 or just admire the view.
Before you know it, you don't even notice there is no sunshine outside.
 And then winter doesn't seem so gray.


  1. Wow, how lovely ... stunning work Robin and perfect for this blustery winter day!

  2. What a wonderful place! I don't think we have anything like that around here. Even though our winter has been mild, too, I am feeling finished with it. I am ready for spring to get here. Hang in there, Robin! The days are getting longer!

  3. Robin!!!! So I am so glad that you told me about the new blog. I didn't know about it and I am sad that it had to happen. However I see that you went to the orchid Forest! I haven't gone this year yet, but I really want to! it looks like you had a fun time! Love ya hun!

  4. Hi Robin. What beautiful winter color. The Conservatory must certainly raise winter spirits. I checked out your entire new blog. I am sorry that you lost your original one. How did it happen? We are having a mild winter as well. Nice not to have to fight the snow, but we do need moisture. January isn't known for a lot of moisture here anyway. I am glad to see you back. Love the violet, oh and the primrose too.

  5. I love going there. It is always changing. Looks like you got there to see all of the orchids in bloom. I love all of the yellows in the room. It is such a great way to mellow out.Your pictures are wonderful Robin.

  6. I found you at Kerri's and am so glad I did. Your pictures are lovely. What in the world is the colorful thing in your first picture? Is it a real plant? I dearly love flowers and have many flower gardens. I am adding you to my list.

  7. Thanks for letting me know about the new blog address, and I am sorry that you had to leave your old one, it's rampanant. Your header shot is wonderful. And that conservatory...what a treat. You lifted my spirits just by posting those photos. If that was nearby me, I would have a life time membership.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  8. Not dull and gray at all. All of the plants are glass are fabulous. Just the thing for a pick me up.

    I changed the link to your blog. So sorry to hear you've had problems with your old blog! I couldn't even imagine it and hope it never happens to me. Happy New Year to you I hope the sun keeps shining in Ohio. Going to the Spring Fling in Asheville NC?

  9. Sorry to hear about your blog difficulties. Glad you have set up again. The last photo is really amazing, really bright and artistic looking. I'm not 100% what it is but I really like it. All the best, Kelli.

  10. Thanks for letting me know about your new blog location. It must be tough to start all over again.
    This conservatory looks a lot like one in my area called Frederick Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids MI. I loved going there several times a year. Since I have moved about an hour away now I think the visits will be few and far between especially in the winter; I miss it!
    Winter finally arrived here a week or so ago, and the roads have made it a little more difficult to drive, but each day is one day closer to spring. January is almost over and February is the shortest month of the year -- so don't give up. I always say Spring is coming and there's not one darn thing you can do to stop it!

  11. What a beautiful conservatory! They are great for a place to see flowers and plants (and warm up) in the winter. I just took my girls to one by us last Friday.

  12. Hello Robin girl !
    I didn't know what happened to you .. I will relink you now though .. sorry that must have been so aggravating !
    This place how ever is BEAUTIFUL !!! I wish we had one in our little city to go to .. they would have a hard time getting me out ? LOL
    Joy : )

  13. Robin, is that by any chance a Dale Chihuly exhibit? The Dallas Arobretum is getting an exhibit this spring.
    Sorry about the problems with your blog! :(

  14. I love to visit the conservatory in Toronto, to sit among the flowers and soak up their joy. There has been not sunshine here for weeks:( Have a wonderful week. Jen.

  15. Robin...sorry to hear about your blog troubles, but your new blog is wonderful and oh how lovely to see colorful blooms. I have clusters of daffodils up, some even have buds much to my dismay. I'm afraid they'll never bloom now.

    Have a wonderful evening!

  16. Lovely reprieve from winter! The Chuly art is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing.

  17. What a spectacular place to take a break from the winter weather.

  18. Oh dear Robin, what a loss but glad you are back up and running. Nice new blog equals fresh new start. This sure looks like a good place to cheer. Especially liked the yellow blooms seated area.
    p.s. am following on here :)

  19. What a pretty place to have to escape to. I am glad to see you are back. I wondered why you suddenly deleted your blog. How can someone else do that? Yikes! Please let us know more to keep us forewarned.

    It is very cold now in Holland but I have been thinking about gardening since the holidays ended. I cannot wait to get back out in my own and rework one area of this new garden that did not work well when we started the changes last year. Right now I am working out what plants I want to try going back to medieval times for inspiration.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  20. I want the floating orbs! The last picture is amazing.


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