Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mellow Yellow

Personally, I think yellow is anything but mellow. It's such a lively, vibrant color. It automatically makes me think of sunshine. I love yellow! The only trouble is, yellow is hard to come by in winter, even a winter as mild as this one. If it was April, I'd have these yellow species tulips in bloom.
Or in July, I could  have sunflowers blooming, even these planted by the birds.
May is one of my favorite times to see anything but mellow yellow, because May is peak season for my beloved roses.
If it was June, I could find yellow in my favorite black-eyed susans.
See, yellow is so bright and beautiful, that even the birds are wearing it. In August, I could see goldfinches galore around here.
Even March brings me yellow in the garden, as my first daffodils come into bloom.
But it's only February 1st, and there are no yellow flowers in my garden this time of year. The only yellow out there this time of year is my Angelina sedum. It may not be a bloom, but it's definitely enough to give me just a little bit of mellow yellow to love.
But yellow flowers are still my favorite!


  1. I like all colours, yellow looks bright and cheery this time of year - crocus and not long before daffodils will be showing off. The photo with the bird is fab!

  2. Blogger is giving me fits today so if you get more than one comment from me just disregard them. LOL!
    This is such a cheery posting Robin.Yellow always brightens a day. Your Sedum is so pretty.

  3. Your yellows are so cheery! Thanks for posting these beautiful photos and brightening the winter grays. We did see a little sunshine today and it was nice enough to take the dogs for a walk.....and the 2 cats that tagged along :)
    I'm actually longing to see a little snow on the ground!!! There's been very little beautiful snowy scenery to photograph for most of December and January. I figure if we're going to have cold then we might as well have some snow!


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