Monday, February 6, 2012

Frosty Start to the Day

This continues to be a mild winter, much to my delight. But the funny thing is, I think I've spent less time outdoors than I usually do in harsher winters. Mostly it's because we have had so much rain, and being outdoors hasn't been very enjoyable. The only winter posts I've put up here on my blog have been focused on indoor plants since we haven't had any pretty snowfalls to highlight. But occasionally, we get a frosty but sunny start to the day. The angelina sedum has been photographed many times this winter, as it continues to delight. Nothing else I have in my winter garden is as sunny and bright as this plant. Note to self, plant more of it! 
 Penstemon leaves have stayed evergreen.
And spring bulbs are getting ready for the show.
Creeping thyme makes for a frosty path through the rose arbor.
Silver gray yarrow leaves still look lovely with frosting.
The rising sun begins to melt the caps on sedum Autumn Joy.
 Euonymus looks good no matter what kind of winter we have.
Foxglove leaves just laugh at the frost.
Arborvitae are crystallized.
The pennisetum is still holding up this corner.
And while the hydrangeas are not quite as beautiful as they were in summer, they remind me that they will be back in all their glory before too long.


  1. We have had such a mild winter that I have to get out early in the morning to see the beauty of the frost before the sun hits it, but I'll take this winter over last year!!!

  2. Frost is much better than snow Robin. LOL! Seems I have not been out as much this winter either. I am missing the walks. It is either too cold or when it warms it is raining. I am getting so lazy this winter. LOL! Your frosty pictures are so pretty with the crystals gleaming on them.

  3. I just love a frosty garden in pictures. Those sedums especially!

    Nope, camellias are so not fragrant:( They'd beat roses if they were-think no pests or diseases and no pruning!

  4. Hello Robin girl !!
    Love the frost pictures and I am a sucker for those cute grasses : )
    Yes ! I know what you mean about filling in the arbor while brand new roses have time to grow .. I am planting two clematis, Niobe and Henrii to help fill it in .. it does take time for climbing roses to cover arbors .. but that whole area is going to be different so it is exciting with the planning for me : )

  5. Some really good photos. Frost always makes an interesting subject! I like the ice crystals on the Euonymus!

  6. I think your winter pennisetum is lovely! And the sedum is really pretty, too. Great photos!

  7. I find these frosty photos to be very appealing. Luv them. If you'd like a little fresh snow, I can send some your way. It snowed here last night.


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