Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sweet Surprises

February is not generally a busy gardening month. Usually I just content myself with indoor blooms this time of year. I saw this little geranium seedling popping up in October, so I rescued it by planting it in a pot to spend the winter indoors. See how it rewarded me? Such a tall bloom for such a tiny little plant. That's not even a regular size coffee cup, it's just a mini one!
 And this kitchen begonia has been blooming for months now. Gorgeous. 
But with the mild winter that many of us have been enjoying, I thought I'd go out to see if the garden was waking up early. Boy was it ever! My first stop in the winter is always my Angelina Sedum. I know I've shown it here many times, but seriously, this plant is a winter show stopper. Look at the colors! I absolutely need to plant more of this one.
 I could show you all kinds of little plant babies popping up out there, but most of them are just little green specks. This one really caught my eye though, and I'm not even sure what it is. I think it's an agastache of some kind.
Of course there are all kinds of bulbs popping up, especially swelling daffodils. They will certainly be early this year.
Violas and pansies are still hanging in there, no surprise.
I also figured the hellebores would be heading towards blooming, and I was right.
So as I was casually studying my late winter garden, I turned around to find the sweetest surprise of all. Not in a million years did I expect to find the Siberian Iris in bloom. To say I was thrilled is putting it mildly! This is a full month earlier than they bloomed last year.
I'm so happy that I went out to check on the garden yesterday. It brought me such a sweet, sweet surprise!


  1. My, you have quite a bit of color. Here we have nothing. Nothing. It is still quite cold. I didn't realize that Ohio had such a mild climate. Or is this an odd year for you? Beautiful flowers and photos.

  2. You have lots of pretty flowers blooming. Those Siberian irises are just stunning, such a bright shade of blue! I'm pretty sure those purplish leaves are Agastache Golden Jubilee. The new foliage is that color, then it turns golden.

  3. Those Irises are early, but I just love their coloring. It's great to see so many flowers and plants popping up.

  4. Just look at your blooms! The irises are just so pretty Robin. I think that yellow sedum just keeps getting better all the time. What a surprise of the geranium bloom. This has been such a strange winter and it feels like March now with the winds.

  5. The irises are stunners!! They are so perfect for early spring in your garden. What a delightful surprise!!

  6. I like your teacup geranium! It is loaded with personality, a spunky survivor and grateful to its rescuer. I am afraid the little plant would not have done so well in my house, as I am busy outside even in the winter months and poor indoor plants get neglected.

  7. Robin girl I am amazed with all of your garden babies poking up like this !
    That geranium colour was beautiful but that kitchen begonia ? WOW !!! that colour is stunning .. I wish I could have house plants like that .. I tend to kill them poor things.
    Your garden is waking up way before mine will .. BIF sigh !

  8. Such a great post full of Spring cheer! Thank you.

  9. admire your cupped geranium especially as assumed it would need a drainage hole. And the Angelina Sedum deserves all the attention you give it. Glad to see your garden is waking up


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