Friday, January 13, 2012

Robin's Return

Due to someone else's fraudulent activity, I've lost my original blog. I've gone round and round, trying to recover it, with little success. So while I fight this fight, I thought I'd go ahead and start a new blog just in case I never do "find" it again. Of course I still have all my photos on file, but it's quite heart breaking to think I can't see any of my old posts. But instead of mourning that loss, let's start fresh. I'll keep the original name, but obviously the address is new. So be sure to update your bookmarks or feeds, and if you know other garden bloggers out there, go ahead and tell them where I'm at! Now I know it's mid January, and there isn't much gardening to do. But I always have growing things about me, just to keep me from going crazy all winter long. For instance, my African Violets are in bloom,
and so is my Crown of Thorns plant.
But the best bloom right now is this beautiful peach begonia spending the winter in my kitchen. It actually blooms better indoors than it did all summer long.
So I won't look outdoors to see the snow coming down. If I just look at my kitchen blooms, I can pretend I'm still gardening all winter long.


  1. Wow, I am sorry to hear this, Robin! I didn't know this could actually happen. How can it?! I accidentally hit the delete button several yrs. ago and permanently deleted the first blog I had started. That was because there was no 'are you SURE' you want to delete this' notification that popped up after I'd hit it. I think Google/Blogger has made it harder to delete them now. Do you know what fraudulent activity occured and have you contacted Google/Blogger? I really hope your lovely blog will be recovered. You had it for so many years. I am glad you still have the photos in your files; however, you spent so much time writing posts and it was a nice record of your garden and your life. I am sorry! I'm glad you at least are continuing on and moving forward--this blog will also be filled with beauty as you add to it! We don't have snow here & the weather has been crazy with fluctuating temps between the 70's and the 30's about every other day! It's a weird winter so far!

  2. That is too bad you could not get your old blog back. But maybe yet. I so love your African Violet. I love the variegated leaves so much. I am also jealous that you can grow Begonias. That peach is so pretty. I have never tried a Crown of Thorns before.I like the white blooms Robin. I have only saw the pink I guess. Have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm.

  3. I can't imagine your frustration on losing all of your posts. Take heart that your post today is refreshing and in this looonnnggg winter, I really appreciate it.

  4. If you find out more about what happened, let us know so we can know if there is something we should be careful of. Our blogs become part of us, and I know what a loss that must be.

  5. Oh, Robin, I am so sorry about your blog! How awful! I would be so sick if that happened to mine. So much work to have it disappear. Do you know what happened? I am sitting here now trying to figure a way to copy mine should that happen to me. Thank you for letting me know about the change!

  6. So sorry to hear about this! I just read about it on Lona's blog so I will add your new blog to my blogroll so that hopefully others will find you again.

  7. OMG!
    I'm so sorry to hear this happen to you.
    ITs truly a bloggers nightmare.
    Take care.

  8. Hello Robin! Thanks for letting me know about your new blog. Sorry I've been so slow replying. What a horrible experience to lose your original blog! I feel for you and hope some day you're able to recover those lost posts.
    Your peach Rieger Begonia is gorgeous. I'd love to get myself another Rieger. My pretty pink one died quite a while ago. In my experience Begonias are not the easiest plants to keep going. I find they do well for a season or two and then fade away and die. But they're still worth having...if only for a short while.
    I haven't been blogging lately but hope to return to it soon. My precious husband died in October and my heart has been too heavy to post anything. I miss my blog friends though and do appreciate your comment and your concern.
    Our winter weather has been very much like yours....there's no snow on the ground here at the moment. While I like the mild temperatures, I agree with's still cold, gloomy and gray most of the time. I'm always happy to see the sunshine when we are blessed with it.
    We'll be so glad to see the spring, won't we? Until then, we'll cherish each indoor bloom! :)


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