Monday, July 30, 2012

Garden? What Garden?

I've been on a little vacation to my beloved hometown on the shores of Lake Michigan, so this will not be a garden related post. However, garden lovers are generally nature lovers, so I think my readers can appreciate the beauty of my favorite spot.
  I have to admit, that the weather was not ideal while I was there. It has been hot and dry over much of the country, for most of the summer. However, once I arrived in the little tourist town of St. Joseph Michigan where I grew up, the rains arrived. Just call me the Rain Goddess! But the skies cleared often enough for me to spend some time at the beach.
 I don't have to sunbathe to enjoy the beach, I just have to be there. One day, I even went to the beach when it was drizzling. The waves were big, and I had the whole place to myself. I loved it just as much as a sunny day.
 Needless to say, my favorite time at the beach is sunset. You might even say that I am addicted to sunsets. I can't get enough of them. Sunsets are often beautiful, but throw in a beach and a lighthouse, and it's heavenly.
Now I did visit a lovely garden on my trip. And I took lots of garden pictures to share here on my blog. But first things first. As much as I love gardens, sunset at the beach will trump even a day at Fernwood Botanic Garden. I'll share that another day.


  1. I *loved* these pictures of Lake Michigan! They are so gorgeous...

  2. Oh so wunderful pictures! An amazing sunset, really.And the lighthouse!! I love lighthouses so much and have to visit and take pictures.
    That is such a wonderful place to live!

    By the way, you've missed it: You are nominated for the "One Lovely Blog Award" by me.
    Please visit my blog
    for the rules.

    Thank you

  3. Oh Robin what gorgeous pictures. I just love the sunsets over the water. It would be heavenly to walk on the beach again.

  4. So pretty! I can understand why you miss it and why you need to go back every now and then to reconnect!


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