Thursday, July 12, 2012

Looking At The Bright Side

Things still don't look very good out in the garden, so I decided to just enjoy the bright spots that I do find, and forget the rest. It's much less stressful that way. Like the Full Moon coreopsis, it could care less if there is a drought in the garden. It's blooming anyway!
The creeping thyme ground cover in my arbor pathway never lets me down. It has been in bloom for weeks now, and if often covered in bees and butterflies.
The bonfire euphorbia next to the thyme is also a summer time stalwart. It doesn't require anything of me, not even water, it just sits there with pretty foliage. I like that in a plant during a hot summer drought.
Sweet little Helenium Mardi Gras may not be the flashiest plant in the garden, but it does bloom, right on cue every summer. 
I might not be a big hosta fan, but there is one kind of hosta that appeals even to me, June. I have it tucked in under my globe spruce, where the foliage continues to look lovely, despite the heat and lack of rain. Trust me, those are hose water drops, not rain. 
Now while my phlox plants don't really flourish, they did all peek out and at least gave me a few blooms, like Nicky here.
I often tout the benefits on my Angelina sedum in winter, I must say that it is equally dependable in mid summer. Never needs water, stays green, spreads out nicely, and doesn't require a thing from me.
  I've over wintered this same Carlos lantana plant for several years now, and here it is in bloom once more. 
This petite echinacea called Mistral is another one that never lets me down. It doesn't bloom till mid summer, but once it does, it never stops.
I think every gardener knows they can count on black eyed susans for some mid summer color in the garden. I don't think there is any way to get this plant wrong.
My new Pow Wow Wildberry echinaceas have bloomed in the prettiest bright pink color. I hope they turn out to be as dependable as the traditional coneflowers.

 Daylilies and lilies are blooming here and there, giving me little spots of color to enjoy. 
And that big pot of black petunias has not stopped blooming or faded in any way throughout this tough summer. I like that in a flower. 
 See, I did it. I found bright spots to enjoy when I really tried. That being said, I still want it to rain!


  1. Looks good from here Robin ~ lots of blooms anyway. You hid the brown well! I hope you get rain soon too. It's SO dry almost everywhere. At least you have quite a few plants that handle the heat & drought well. Love the lily!!!

  2. Your garden looks good Robin. I love your Thyme spreading around the stepping stones.It looks so pretty. Are we ever going to get some rain? My poor plants look so sad and yellow at the bottoms. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Oh Robin, so wunderful flowers! It looks great despite the heat with you.
    We have definitely NO Summer.
    Or what are you calling 11° in the morning? And rain, and ...
    and my coneflowers are all eaten by snails ...
    I've the same petunia - but it stopped blooming with all that nasty rain.

    Have a nice summer!

  4. I love your summer blooms! You have also convinced me to take a look at euphorbia for my own garden. Yours is wonderful. I also love you June hosta. i have several of my own. They were tiny when I planted them last year, and I am waiting for them to grow up.


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