Sunday, July 22, 2012

This and That

No theme today, just random things to share from the garden. You'll notice there are very few long views of the garden this summer. The neglect due to my knee injury, and the drought, have partnered to make the overall view less than pleasant. So I focus on individual flowers, that way I can enjoy those little spots of beauty.  Like these yarrow partners, one pink, one yellow. They aren't very big blooms, but I thought they looked cute together.
 And the coneflowers are keeping them company. 
My David Austin rose bush bloomed briefly. I've already forgotten the name, but the scent was heavenly!
 The knockout rose tree throws out a bloom now and then, but nearly as often as a knockout should bloom. I can't figure out why.
Most of the roses have quit blooming, but the Fourth of July climber still puts out a fair amount of flowers. The rose leaves are a mess, try not to look at them. Just concentrate on the blossom.
Beloved Michelangelo roses are back in bloom, and the Japanese beetles have disappeared. Now they can bloom in peace. This rose is my favorite, but unfortunately, it's also their favorite.
Oranges and Lemons rose still has a bloom to share now and then.
Phlox David didn't bloom very well this year, so I had to grab this shot while I could.
I planted an orange milkweed, and I'm glad I did. It's one of the few plants that could care less if it doesn't rain. I haven't seen any monarchs near it yet, but they usually show up later in the summer. 
The milkweed is planted in the one corner of the garden where there are multiple flowers to see. I've always called this corner the butterfly garden, but really, my whole garden is geared towards butterflies.
In this same corner of the garden, you'll see my Full Moon coreopsis, a faithful bloomer.
And that's that! Just a little of this, and a little of that!


  1. Lovely little bits of this and that! The orange Milkweed is fantastic and so is your Oranges and Lemon Rose. Great colours! The corner with the Coreopsis, the Daylily and the Milkweed is gorgeous. Hope that knee is feeling a whole lot better.

  2. The garden looks so good. My favorite: the Michaelangelo rose. A lovely photos. Weeds, well hidden.

  3. Lots of beautiful blooms in Ohio! :-)

    Our garden is thriving but was not blooming so well. We have had a wet and grey summer with cool temperatures. This week, we had summer and lots of intense sun. Now my flowers are finally starting to peep out to say hello. Funny but the annuals are having the worst of it. They just are not encouraged to do anything by add foliage.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  4. Oh so wunderful roses! Great pics!!

    Robin, I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! Congratulation!!
    Please look for the rules on



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