Friday, August 17, 2012

Easy Peasy

The drought and heat that have tortured so much of the country has eased a bit here in central Ohio. Thank goodness!
Granpa Ott's morning glory
We've had an inch and a half of rain so far this month. Temperatures have often dropped out of the 90's.
Coleus corner color
Hummingbird moth
And my garden is responding. It's too late for the veggies, most of them are toast. But the flowers like the new climate and have decided to shape up.
Arbor garden
  It's too late for some of them. I was quite brutal during my last garden clean up, and the slackers were asked to leave. Now only the strong remain.
Full Moon coreopsis and Zebrina mallow
 The only "weaklings" I am keeping are my roses. For these, I am willing to put forth a little more effort. Besides, I don't find them as high maintenance as others do.
East side rose garden
Garden Party
Hot Cocoa
Tahitian Sunset
The rest of the garden season should be pretty easy peasy around here. And thank goodness for better weather! But please, just a little more rain?
Sunflower bouquet
Ruby throated hummingbird on Sunset hyssop


  1. We, too, are having a cool down--so much needed and appreciated, but we need rain. My flowers for the most part are pretty much gone. The roses are still blooming, but everything else is drying up. The vegetable garden is the best ever, but then we water a lot. I love your morning glory. It is simply glorious.

  2. Your garden is looking much better than mine Robin. The rain and cooler temps have made the gardens do better lately but most is done blooming here for the season now. I love that Morning Glory. And what a fantastic shot of the hummingbird and the hummingbird Moth. They are such lovely creatures. Have a great weekend and enjoy your garden.


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