Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Lovin'

My love of summer is no secret to anyone. It may be hot, sticky, dry, whatever. I still love it!
Mostly, I love summer because the flowers are in bloom.
All summer long, one after the other, they bloom, and bloom, and bloom.
Now it may not have been the best summer I've ever seen in my garden. There have been casualties.

 But no matter what, there has been something blooming all during this long, hot summer.
There are plenty of other things that I like about summer time. The birds, bees, bugs, and butterflies that visit during the summer are always welcome here.
Believe it or not, there are non-garden related things that I like about summer. Probably the best part to me is simply being warm. I'm one of those people that are often cold. I feel like I spend the whole winter just trying to get warm. No such problem this summer, I've been plenty warm the whole time!
I also like the long days, fresh summer produce, bare feet, vacation trips, beaches, and all the other wonderful things that make up the best season of all. Oh, and the flowers. Did I mention the flowers?


  1. I enjoyed the tour of your garden. I'm missing some of my favorite perennials and hope to plant a few more at this new place next year. Your flowers are beautiful.

  2. Your garden looks so wonderful Robin. Mine is all worn out. LOL!

  3. Really lovely blooms. So nice to see. I really like the giant tea pot planter too (and the lime bench is a great colour too).

  4. I could be your twin Robin because you & I feel the same way about summer. I love the flowers & life in the garden so much even if it has been crazy hot here this summer.

    p.s. We ARE in a drought, my garden is only green from hand watering. If it doesn't rain soon we may go on stricter water rationing & I may have to quit. :(
    Sorry to hear 'Green Envy' died ~ it was such a striking echinecea. I still hope to find one someday...


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