Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Color Fix

Over the winter, it's the colors of my garden that I miss the most. I do try to plan for winter interest in my garden, but the colors of winter interest are quite subtle. You just aren't going to see any vivid floral colors this time of year. But I did have a chance to soak up some local color with a trip to Mexico.
Recently, we were privileged to take a trip to San Miguel de Allende Mexico. It turned out to be an amazing visit! The weather was perfect, the company was enjoyable, the food was awesome, and the city was gorgeous. And the best part was the color!
Having this blast of color in the middle of winter was just what I needed. Winter has been dragging along interminably, so this trip came along just in time to keep my sanity.
It wasn't just the flowers that were so colorful.
The city itself was filled with color....
as were the skies.
By the time we returned home, it was nearly March. And you know what March means? Spring! No matter how cold it may be, I know that by the end of this month, spring will be here, at least in name.
And when I think I just can't take another day of winter, I'll look back at my pictures of Mexico, and relive all that color. It should hold me over until my spring flowers come back!


  1. Well that's the way to chase the winter blues away! How awesome! Never been to Mexico but it looks like lots of fun. Love the bright sunny colors.

  2. It is coming and soon. How wonderful to have a break from winter just as spring is about to emerge. It can make a big difference.

  3. I remember seeing those colourful crepe paper flowers when I was there some twenty years ago. I'm surprised and delighted that they are still around. I like the cobbled streets and the blue sky.

  4. Wonderful glorious color in that pretty town, love the paper flowers in the first photo. Did you buy some to light up your home?

  5. Mexico looks wonderful and to be warm and dry must have been grand. It seems that most of the weather passes over us and heads in your direction. By the time these storms head east they just get stronger and stronger. I have missed a couple of your posts. The sunsets are just glorious. Spring is only 16 days away. Hang in there! Thanks for stopping by the Garden Spot.

  6. Oh Wow Robin, what a wonderful escape to the land of color. Everything looks so bright and beautiful.The downfall is coming back to all of this white again.LOL!


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