Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Getting By

Maybe spring isn't coming this year. Maybe this is as good as it's going to get. Cold days, a little snow, warming all the way up into the 40's, then cold and snow again. Does that sound familiar? It makes a gardener think of drink!
There is a little bit of slow progress out there in the garden. The Siberian iris have bloomed and faded already, and now the crocus are just starting. I saw a daffodil trying valiantly to bloom today in the cold sunshine. It's a weak and pitiful kind of spring.
In reality, I know that spring will get here eventually. One day soon, the air will warm up, the sun will shine, and the breeze will turn soft. In the meantime, I'm getting by in the usual ways. I buy daffodils at the grocery store.

I enjoy the red petunias STILL blooming on my kitchen windowsill since last June. They were a gift from my little grandson, and have never once stopped blooming since then. Never.
And I keep checking the weather reports and the buds coming up outside. Sooner or later, one of those two things are going to give me good news! In the mean time, I'm getting by. Spring, could you please hurry up? Please? 


  1. I cannot believe you have a petunia still in bloom. That is one good plant there. Some of my daffodils are trying to get buds here sticking above the snow. It looks so funny, poor things. I hope it melts soon Robin and this is the last Hurrah.

  2. Those grocery store Daffodils are gorgeous!!
    I hope your snow melts really soon!!

  3. Supposedly, it's going to warm up to 52 degrees on Saturday here! Will seem like a heat wave! :-)

  4. Pretty much the same story here Robin. I've only been to the greenhouse once ~ just to cold to think much about gardening. It will probably go straight from cold to hot!
    Amazing that petunia is so long lived.
    Also thanks for dropping by my blog & for your comments & encouragement the past few months. I took a lot of comfort reading them.

  5. It is a very slow spring here as well. I do love a slow spring as the flowers last so much longer. I still have snowdrops in bloom.


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