Saturday, March 16, 2013

Late Winter in the Garden

Winter is almost over, right? According to the calendar, it is anyway. After the mild winter we had last year, this more normal type winter has been discouraging. But we've had a few mildly pleasant days mixed in here and there, so the signs of spring are out there. I can make it! Whenever the little Siberian iris pop out, I know that the start of spring is almost here.

And soon the hellebores will open up. The flowers on these may not be the boldest in the garden, but they'll stay in bloom till July. That's a lot of bang for your buck. Plus the seeds will drop to the ground and sprout up everywhere. I love free plants.
I'm hoping that soon it will be time to buy and plant pansies. I'll know it's time when the flats of pansies show up in the garden center. In the meantime, I did find a few pots of these double pansies to hold me over.
Now when post people think of early flowers, they think of crocus. My crocus are usually about the third ones to arrive, and they should be here any day now. If somebody doesn't nibble them all!

That's about it. Just a few early blooms to hold me over till warmer days arrive. But I'm almost there!


  1. Your Siberian Iris are so lovely, and the double Pansies are beautiful. Hopefully those warmer Spring days are not too far off now.

  2. Those irises are really pretty and I do so like how you paired them with the sedum.

  3. Hi Robin. What petty spring flowers. We toured our favorite garden centers Saturday and the pansies are ready, though it does seem a bit early for them yet. I'll wait. I did buy pansy seeds to see if I could start some. Don't know why not. I love your little iris. Very colorful.

  4. Wow I am amazed at all of this color. I am so winter deprived. LOL! The color of the buildings and the way they are made is so amazing. And Flowers, sunshine!What more can I say. Such a great escape Robin. Beautiful pictures.


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