Friday, March 9, 2012

A Heck of a Hellebore!

I know my blog has been quiet over the winter. But that's because my garden is quiet over the winter! In years past, I've spent the winter focused on my houseplants. This year, however, I neglected the poor things. I really shouldn't be allowed to have all these houseplants, they just get ignored. Now you'd never know that from seeing what my outdoor flowers look like. 
It won't be long till my garden wakes up from it's winter slumber, and my blog will get more attention again. I've already seen the Siberian iris come and go, and now we have the Lenten Rose hellebore is in bloom. Wouldn't you know, it really is Lent!
 Next up to bloom should be some of the daffodils, then the crocus. I don't know why my crocus like to take their sweet time to bloom, but I'll be ready for them and all the other spring bloomers. But hurry up! See the roses are warming up for the show.


  1. Robin,

    That is a beautiful hellebore, Hope spring brings you lot of beauties in the garden.

  2. That hellebore is a most beautiful color. Now I want one for my garden.

  3. That's a lovely colour of hellebore. I haven't one single hellebore in my garden. I only discovered what they were a couple of years ago. I imagine your garen will be waking up from Winter now!


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