Sunday, March 25, 2012

Soft Spring

Everything about spring is soft and subtle. The color arrives in our world so gently. Pastels abound.
The air is soft, the greens are gentle. Every day is like Easter.
It's such a welcome change after the harshness of winter.
Soft spring can linger on as long as it wants........


  1. 'Everyday is like Easter' is an appropriate description! Our spring was so early, and already we have had some hot, humid days. I am afraid an early summer is coming, but I am still hoping for an extra long spring instead!

  2. That is so true. I love when spring is soft and kind. We are already getting the heat of summer around here though. Oh well.

  3. You've got some great colour in the garden, really pretty!

  4. hello robin girl !
    Wow ! You have so many gorgeous plants blooming!
    We have snapped back to what our weather should be like now .. much cooler .. but we know it won't be for long .. Spring is well on its way.
    Mr. Chips stays out of the garden .. he is very shy .. it is the damn squirrels that root in my garden .. a big black one and a big gray/brown one .. I would like to kick their little behinds !!! LOL

  5. Oh look at the yellows and blues, but my favorite is the red bud. I am hoping to plant one--another one, they die--this spring. What is your secret to keep it healthy--alive.?

  6. Robin I love your little species tulips girl.They look so beautiful planted in beside the rocks.Your street is starting to look beautiful I bet with all those trees starting to bloom.

  7. gorgeous! my redbud is not blooming yet... great colors!


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