Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Skip Over Spring

The winter that never was has turned into the spring that never was. It may look like an early spring, but it feels like summer! Every day there are new delights in bloom. I've been comparing photos from last year, and some flowering trees are a full month early, like the Bradford pear.
I like how the gregii tulips come up right in the middle of my beloved Angelina sedum. Last year the blooms were immediately nibbled, but this year only the leaves were munched on.
With all this warmth, the crocus came and went quickly this year.
I'm not sure my primrose colors are coordinated, but I don't care. They are just another welcome sign for spring.
The hyacinth will probably be here tomorrow. Oh the scent!
My daffodils are popping up everywhere, but you know how my penny ball likes to sneak into all my photos.
Poor little striped squill got dirty in the storms on Sunday,
and so did  the Mrs. Moon pulmonaria. It doesn't matter, they are still pretty!
The species tulips are a favorite of mine. The dark pink have already started, and soon the light pink ones will join them.
I thought this might be a seedling from my Lenten Rose hellebore in the background, but the speckles tell me it's not. I guess I've lost the tag, so I don't know what it is.
 Simple little muscari are also blooming. I always forget that I planted these till they come up!
I generally plant pansies in early spring and fall to get a little blast of color in the cool weather. Many people do. But with the mild winter we had, it was an especially good choice. They all survived the winter, and have been giving me that early burst of bloom color.
Ah spring, you are so beautiful!


  1. Love that this early spring has brought so much early growth! I love the Gregii tulips paired with the Angelina sedum, it is striking!

  2. Such gorgeous flowers! Isn't it wonderful to see them again? I think my two favorite ones you posted are the crocus (sorry they didn't last) and the species tulips.

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous as always. Would love to see a shot of the whole garden to see how you have it laid out.


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