Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunny Siesta Key

We've recently returned from yet another vacation in Florida, and on this visit, we stopped in to see my dad and stepmother on Siesta Key. What a beautiful spot this is! From the car, I saw so many beautiful flowers, but I didn't get much chance to photograph them. But I did manage to snap these bougainvillea. They provided a WOW factor everywhere I looked.
Now if you live on Siesta Key, tradition says to take your exercise along the beach in the morning. So we did participate by taking our morning power walk there. I think I would be even more motivated to exercise if I had this option every morning.
There is another lovely tradition at the condo association where my father lives. Every night, they meet at their little cove at the beach to toast the sunset. Isn't that the perfect ending to the day?
 A few feathered friends joined us at the beach that night.
And with a glass of wine in hand, we said goodnight to the day.
Cheers, to life at the beach!


  1. We have plenty of bougainvilleas here. Our climate is similar to Florida too. I don't plant any in my garden though :) Wow! Sounds like you had a nice time there.

  2. I've never been to Florida. Your pictures are so beautiful--the water fowl, the sunset, the beach. No wonder people want to retire there. Your dad is living in paradise and you get to visit. Life is good, isn't it.

  3. What lovely pictures Robin. I love all that white sand on the beaches in Florida. It looks like just the place to have some long walks with beautiful sunsets. Oh dear, I hope your leg is alright. Good lucj at the doctor.

  4. I hope to retire in Florida someday Robin ~ now I want to even more. A morning walk on the beach and an evening toast sounds great to me! Gorgeous photos.
    ps. I came across a double purple columbine at a new greenhouse nearby so thanks for offering to save seed but now I'm covered!!


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