Sunday, September 21, 2014

Savor September

It's hard for me to believe that the first frost is only a few weeks away. I'm still wearing sandals every day, that means summer, right?
Monarch on bicolor buddliea
Green Envy zinnia
Oh, but the mornings are so cool. That's the sure sign that I'm in denial. Summer is fading before my eyes.
Soraya sunflower
Funny Face rose
Dwarf pennisetum with cherry profusion zinnias
It's a little sad, isn't it? I'll miss walking out the door and grabbing dinner ingredients as I need them. But mostly I'll miss the flowers.
Verbena bonariensis
Pearl Crescent butterfly
Karly Rose grass
The hardest part for me is that most of my favorite flowers are late bloomers. I feel like I just never have enough time to enjoy the dahlias,

Dahlias with Sedum Autumn Joy
or the hydrangeas,
Front-Endless Summer hydrangea Back-Quickfire hydrangea
or the Queen Red Lime zinnias especially. When frost does threaten, these flowers are always still peaking. So I end up gathering bouquets for inside, so that I can enjoy them to the bitter end.
Queen Red Lime zinnia
Queen Red Lime zinnia
Queen Red Lime zinnia
I guess I'd better spend every moment I can outside enjoying the last of the blooms. There is still a lot of gardening left to do.
Ruby throated hummingbird on Candy Corn cuphea
Painted lady butterfly on Black Knight buddliea
My husband is always puzzled that I still spend so much time watering the garden. I've reminded him many times that perennials, shrubs, roses, and trees all need to go into winter strong. They'll do much better if they are well watered before the bitter cold arrives.
Hot air balloons! 
Hot air balloons!
But let's not think about that yet. Let's just enjoy the last of summer, and the last of the flowers. They'll be gone all too soon!
Penny ball
Tall Ribbon Mix snapdragons

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Some Summer Sights

Summer is going to fade away soon. It's still warm and sunny, but I know it can't last much longer.
Endless Summer hydrangeas
Colorful coleus container with Sky Pencil holly nearby
Grandpa Ott's morning glory
Luckily, September is an easy transition into fall. The weather is so perfect that it could fool you into thinking it was still summer.
Goldfinch with Bachelor's Buttons

Red Admiral butterfly with bicolor buddliea

Swallowtail butterfly on purple coneflowers
Wait, it is still summer! The kids may be back in school, but the calendar says it's still summer for a little longer yet.
Angel Wing begonia hanging basket

Porch container in front of coleus patch
Unknown wasp on Green Envy zinnia
 I mean, look at these pretties. It's got to be summer with all these flowers still around.
Queen Red Lime zinnia
So take it in, enjoy it. Savor all these summer sights. You'll need these memories when winter comes to call. On those bleak winter days, you'll find it hard to believe that flowers still exist.
Apple Blossom pelargonium

Polka Dot pot
It's still summer folks, go out and enjoy it! All too soon, it will be gone.
Candy Corn cuphea

Dill flowers, very popular with insects!

Black and blue salvia