Saturday, December 31, 2022

Sleeping December Garden

 The only photos I took in the "garden" this month are sunsets out the back door! It's really unusual to have absolutely nothing growing outside in December, usually I can find a snapdragon, or a pansy, or the lamium in bloom. This year, nothing. I should have known that we'd have an early winter when the autumn colors arrived two weeks early. It's discouraging, but that just means that I'll have to start my winter survival plan pronto. 

But we do have Christmas to cheer us up in December! We had a white Christmas this year, which I generally enjoy. But when it arrives with a blizzard and a polar vortex, it isn't as much fun. We had to postpone our holiday travels due to the bad weather. So we stayed home, and made the best of the day. It's very cozy to stay home for the holidays, and I did enjoy making and eating our favorite foods. And even if no one saw them but us, I always do enjoy putting up my Christmas decorations. 

I did drive around to see light displays, but nothing really looked as good as the local shopping center of Easton. 

Generally, I enjoy the holiday display at Franklin Park Conservatory, but this year, I waited until it was nearly Christmas. Big mistake! The displays were lovely, but it was so crowded that you couldn't really catch photos without other people crowding in. It was even so crowded that I felt the need to wear my mask outside. Next year, I'll go early. Sure was pretty, but these were the only spots I could catch without others crowding into the photo. 

Remember me mentioning my winter survival plan? One of the first steps is to buy myself cheerful bouquets of flowers. I'll try to take care of that this week. Another strategy is to ogle seed catalogs, but so far, only two have arrived. But I've been drooling over them already! 

It's been quite cloudy, but I did catch a few sunsets out the back door. It's funny to think how few photos I took this month compared to October when the fall colors were at their peak! But that's just how winter goes.Thanks for stopping by my nest for December. Hopefully I'll have some pretty snow photos to share in January. We did get snow, but it's been so bitter cold that I haven't left the house in 5 days. I like pretty snowfalls, but I do have my limits. See you back here next month!