Sunday, July 31, 2022

The Peak of Summer is July

July is filled with flowers, and I can't get enough. Let's take a walk through Robin's Nest, shall we? 

Purple Prince lily

Double pink impatiens

Mystery sunflower

Cut and Come Again zinnias

At Last roses

Blue Glory vine

Sunny Knockout roses


Be sure to stop and see the veggie garden, that's hubby's domain. We're eating lots of goodies from there this summer. 

As you wander through the garden, check to see how the containers are faring since last month. Some have really filled in since then, while some look much the same. I give them organic fertilizer about every three weeks through the summer, and it really seems to help. 

Mixed begonias

Night Sky petunias

Fireworks grass

Rosebud caladium


Mezoo Trailing Red

Lantana with coneflowers

But seriously though, I never get enough of looking at flowers, especially if they're growing in my own garden. Let me show you what's over here on the other side of the house. 

Liatris with Grandpa Ott morning glory

Firelight hydrangea

Picotee cosmos

Black Eyed Susan

Sunpatiens Pink Candy

Bee balm with sleeping bee

Strawberry Blonde marigolds

Tired of looking at  my flowers yet? I'm not! Let's keep going. 

Mystery sunflower

Sugar Shack button bush

Pincushion flower

Endless Summer hydrangea

Green Twister coneflower



One of my summertime favorites are the many zinnias that I grow. These were all started from seed, with varying success. I have issues with cutworms in the spring, and my zinnias are a favorite of theirs. Drives me crazy when they eat my seedlings! But these are the survivors. The Oklahoma Salmon variety have been a favorite for some years now, but this year, I'm especially fond of these yellow ones called Isabellina. 

Isabellina zinnia

From Cut and Come Again zinnias

Cut and Come Again zinnias

Cut and Come Again zinnias

Cut and Come Again zinnias

Cut and Come Again zinnias

Queen Red Lime zinnias

Luminosa Pink 

Oklahoma Salmon zinnias

Thumbelina zinnias

Green Envy zinnias

I'm in the heart of monarch season now, do you want to see them? The eggs and caterpillars I showed you last month have all been released, and this is a new batch of "cats". Each release is given a name, and sent off with good wishes. They happened to be ready to go when the grandkids were here visiting, so they helped me send them off. I let them choose the names, of course. 

As much as I love my monarchs, there are plenty of other butterflies and critters that call this place home. Keep your eyes peeled for them as we tour the garden. 

Dogbane beetle

Tiger Swallowtail

Great Spangled fritillary 

Spring azure

Red Admiral

Clearwing hummingbird moth

Pearl Crescent

Cabbage White

Nessus Sphinx moth

Peck's Skipper

Pardon my enthusiasm as we tour the garden, because I could talk about this stuff all day. There are just a few more spots I want to show you. 


Bird planted sunflower

Duchess of Albany clematis seed heads

Girosa lilies

Firelight hydrangea


Kobold liatris

Cherry Cheesecake hibiscus

Okay, I think we saw every flower in the place. But let me show you my little fairy garden, now that the grandkids have seen it. All three of them are represented below, of course. I also want to show you one cute thing in the kitchen. I put this little tiered tray in the middle of my island, and I decorate it seasonally. It's fun to decorate in this small way, without feeling the need to decorate the whole place. 

Fairy Garden

4th of July tray

Summer lemon tray

I'm so glad you came by to see Robin's Nest, it was fun to give a July tour. If you stick around until evening, you might catch a beautiful sunset right from the front porch. We've had some good ones this month! Would love to see you back again at the end of August, I'm sure there will be new goodies to see. Thanks for stopping by!