Saturday, January 30, 2021

January at Home

 January is often a time to simply stay home, but of course we're still dealing with the pandemic, so most months have been just like that. The difference is that January is generally cold and unpleasant outdoors, so there's no gardening or holidays to distract us. Instead, it's a good time to actually *focus* on home. It's time to be cozy, hunker down, and lean into the slower pace. 

Maybe you could bake some bread, whip up some homemade granola, or try out a new baked potato soup recipe. This one is dairy free and delicious! Find the recipe here

You could try out a new craft, or simply continue with familiar ones. 

If the weather isn't too bad, maybe you can take a walk in the woods, or a drive out in the country. 

If you miss your garden too much, buy some flowers to brighten up the place. 

Or go outside and see what your garden is actually doing in the winter. 

January is the perfect time to go through your seed catalogs, and plan out this year's garden. 

Then at the end of the day, watch the sun go down. 

Thanks for stopping by my blog this month, and every month! I love your comments too.