Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yes, You Can Go Home Again

So far, October has been a gray and rainy month. It's hard to enjoy the fall color show when all it does is rain. So my solution has been to take a trip to the beach.

 I know, it seems like a strange solution to a chilly and rainy fall. But this particular beach is my hometown of St. Joseph Michigan!

When your hometown is a charming little beach town, you can go back any time of year and enjoy it, no matter what the weather.

And if you like to take pictures, well, there are plenty of sights to see.

I was picturing these vivid fall color shots with crystal blue skies. But it didn't happen. Every day was cloudy, rainy and gray. The skies would clear for an hour or so, then the rains would move in again. But honestly, it didn't matter to me. I still love it there.

Anyone who has visited my blog before knows how much I love the beach, and how much I love my little hometown on the shores of Lake Michigan. So sorry if you've seen all this before. You'd think I'd get tired of going there to see the same sights, and taking the same pictures. But I don't!

The challenge is always to find another angle, another hidden spot, another perfect shot. And we all know there's no such thing as the perfect shot. So I just keep trying.

 My favorite photo opportunity all week happened the day that I went to just sit and watch the waves roll in. I'd take a few shots, then I'd just sit and daydream for awhile. It was a beautiful way to while away a cool autumn afternoon. Rain kept threatening, but it held off long enough for me to enjoy a good long think. And my reward was this beautiful lake rainbow.
 It was so low on the horizon that no one in the town could see it, and it persisted for over an hour. I've never seen a beach rainbow like this, so I took a lot of pictures that day. And even if I hadn't, I still have it all saved up in my mind. You see, you really can go home again.