Friday, June 30, 2023

A June Full of Weather

We had lots of interesting weather in the month of June. From May into June, we had a month long drought, followed by a week straight of pouring rain, followed by gloomy cool weather with frequent light rain. Currently, we're under an air quality alert from the Canadian wildfire smoke blowing our way. There really wasn't any "normal" weather mixed in. In June, I expect perfect warm, sunny days, with a few storms mixed in. But we got none of that. As it is now, I'd just like to be able to see the sky again, and to feel safe breathing in the outside air. But the garden carries on. The plants that prefer lots of sunshine are struggling. Some just bloom anyway, and laugh at the weather. 

In late May and early June, the roses really do their thing, blooming away with abandon. It's the time of year when I really appreciate my rose garden, and decide they're worth the trouble. But by the end of the month, there are few roses to be seen, and they mostly fade into the background for a couple months. That being said, they look nothing like this at the end of the month. It was a mild winter except for that sub zero spell at Christmas time, and I suspect that's why every single rose cane died back. But they came back quickly and strong. 

I thought it was worthwhile to revisit a few of the containers I featured last month, because they've changed SO much. If you want to compare, you can click here to see last month's version of these. It happens so slowly that I don't generally notice until I compare how they looked last month at this time. I am a big fan of the container gardens I fill each spring. I have to admit that I am not disappointed in any of them this year, and if I were, I'd remedy that by editing their contents. You'll probably note that my color theme was yellow this year.  

It was very exciting to me when I finally spotted my first monarch this year. At the time, there was an arborist here, but the monarch pulled me away immediately. Luckily hubby was still there to finish the consultation. It was a female monarch, and she did leave me a few eggs, which quickly morphed into these two caterpillars. There were probably more than these two, but I never did find them. Since then, I've seen a few more monarchs, plus a few other butterflies. They've been quite skittish this year, and often don't let me get near enough for a decent photo. 

There are plenty of other critters hanging around my nest this summer. Not pictured, the stray mama cat and her three kittens who showed up one day! Very cute, but I can't keep them. 

Ruby Throated hummingbird

Look close to see two baby wrens


Spring Azure butterfly 


Fritillary butterfly 

Clearwing hummingbird moth 

Still on veggie watch here. The radishes are gone, and the lettuce is going to seed. But we've been harvesting plenty of sugar snap peas, and the first round of carrots. Both were delicious! There are green tomatoes on the vine, but no sign of fruit on the cucumbers, green beans and zucchini. 

And now we are at the part of my post where I simply show off various pretty flowers doing their thing throughout the month of June. Some of these have already faded away. But new things pop up to replace them. By next month's post, we'll see hydrangeas, zinnias, and maybe sunflowers. 

Duchess of Albany clematis 

Duchess of Albany clematis seed heads

I did find a short window of decent weather to spend at Inniswood Gardens. Their container gardens are always wonderful. When I went, the roses were still full of blooms. I usually wait until fall to visit this spot, but I'm glad I went in mid summer this time. 

Now that the busy garden month of May is behind me, I found more time to return to some crafting. First you'll see some decorative stones I painted as a gift, although I might have kept some for myself. You'll also see I worked on my beach tray some more, then switched it to a 4th of July theme at the end of the month. The Swedish style Christmas afghan was actually worked on over the last couple months, but this month I finally finished it by adding the tassels. It will be used for my own holiday decorations. The cording wreath was fun to braid, and lives in my craft room. And if the fairy stones look familiar, that's because I made some very like that last year. But they disappeared from the garden, so I'm working on replacements. I guess I'll keep these close at hand where I can keep my eye on them. 

And here we land at the end of June. Summer is speeding by! With the unstable weather we've had, the sunsets have been interesting. This first one comes from a wildfire smoke day. The other smoke days we had obscured the sun completely. One of the sunsets below came from Pickerington Ponds, can you spot it? The rest all came from home. I'm so glad that I have a clear view of the sky, I love that! I've always been a sky watcher. 

Thanks for stopping by Robin's Nest, I appreciate you very much! See you again in July.